EPA Recognizes Raritan’s Contribution to the ENERGY STAR Data Center Infrastructure Rating Developme


EPA Recognizes Raritan’s Contribution to the ENERGY STAR Data Center Infrastructure Rating Development Initiative

Posted on April 17, 2009

New York City (April 16, 2009)— Raritan was recognized today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its participation in the Data Collection Initiative, which is part of the agency’s program to develop an ENERGY STAR rating for data center infrastructure and to help operators improve data center energy efficiency.

As a first step in developing the ENERGY STAR rating, the EPA is collecting data on energy use and operating characteristics from a large number of existing data centers—including both stand-alone facilities and data centers located in offices and other types of buildings.  The year-long data collection project is slated to be completed in June.

Raritan has been contributing to this important initiative by measuring the energy usage of its servers and other IT assets in its data center facility, located in its Somerset. N.J., headquarters.  The EPA publicly recognized the contributions of Raritan and other participating companies at the Uptime Institute’s LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN Symposium being held this week in New York City.

“The EPA Data Collection Initiative is an important step for understanding how our industry can make data centers more energy efficient,” said Allen Yang, Director, Global IT & Green Data Center Initiatives at Raritan.  “Data center energy usage is on the rise.  The energy consumed by data center IT equipment can reach 100 billion kWh by 2011 if energy efficiency is not improved.  It is too costly in terms of the environment, and a company’s bottom line.  We are pleased to participate with the EPA to tackle this growing problem.”

To collect energy data and generate reports for the EPA project, Raritan used the same power management tools commercially available to its customers.  All data center servers and IT devices are plugged into Raritan’s Dominion® PX intelligent power distribution units, which measure in real time power information at the device level.  The company also installed Raritan’s environmental sensors throughout its server racks to track rack inlet temperatures.

To collect and analyze the granular data from the rack PDUs, Raritan used its Power IQ™ Energy Management software.  The analytics software generates energy usage reports based on all types of granular power information gathered to analyze power-related issues—ranging from IT energy costs to carbon emissions generated by IT devices to rack power capacity. 

In addition to supporting the EPA data center initiative, Raritan is an active member of the Green Grid, Climate Savers Computing Initiative, and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design associations.

About Raritan (Raritan.com)

Raritan provides secure IT infrastructure management solutions that increase data center efficiency and productivity by delivering integrated in-band and out-of-band energy management, server access and control.  Raritan’s power management software, intelligent PDU, environmental sensors, KVM, serial console and centralized management products are in use in more than 50,000 locations worldwide. Raritan’s OEM division provides embedded hardware and firmware for server and client management, including intelligent energy management, KVM over IP, IPMI and other industry standards-based management applications.  Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has offices worldwide serving 76 countries.  For more information, please visit Raritan.com

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Uptime Institute’s LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN Symposium—Raritan Booth #212

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