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Why the KVM Market is Expected to Pass $1B

Jessica Ciesla
November 15, 2021

This blog post highlights a recent Globe Newswire release on the state of the global KVM market and several drivers that are contributing to its continued growth.

In a recently released research study on the KVM market, Raritan has been named one of the key players in the marketplace. This blog, however, is not about that accolade (although we appreciate it very much). Instead, this article aims to highlight several key factors that are contributing to the expansion of the market globally, and what they could mean for users of KVM devices—particularly for those working in growth industries such as broadcasting, telecommunications, utilities, and transportation. 

Driving Factors in the Growing KVM Market 

While North America continues to lead the overall KVM market, European and Asian markets are predicted to experience a slightly higher-than-forecasted growth rate which will help edge the global market to just over $1 billion in revenue. And while the data center continues to represent the largest industry by share, it is worth noting that the updated forecast includes several trends that are supporting this uptick in growth. 

Here are four key takeaways, largely taken from the report

  • Advances in broadcasting technologies—and the rising demand for quality, high-definition live streaming of content—are driving the growth of the market. Additionally, increases in broadcast-facility investment in high-performance KVM-over-IP infrastructures substantiate the KVM market growth. 

  • Enterprises and individuals across various industries (such as broadcasting, retail, BFSI, and others) use the Windows operating system on a large scale, as compared to other operating systems. Linux has become very popular and is being extensively used by enterprises throughout computing—from embedded systems to virtual supercomputers. 

  • The trend of KVM-over-internet support is rising continually, allowing organizations to enable a new mode of operational methods that expand remote programs. Along this path of increasing commonality, proper work-from-home setups afford off-site employees secure access to powerful organizational workstations, and this specialized equipment creates substantial market opportunities. 

  • KVMs can enhance on-premises remote-working experiences, which is another key trend observed in the market. 4K and multi-monitor KVM extension and switching support, along with secure network connectivity, allow users to remotely connect to—and control, share, and manage—systems and applications. KVM-over-internet is ideal for a wide range of mission-critical and time-critical industries, including electric utilities, broadcast, post-production, O&G, medical, military & defense, transportation, and others. 

Increased Need for Communications 

It appears that the COVID pandemic has had little impact on the market, except for production, and in many ways has helped drive growth. As work-from-home has become the norm and communications and utility companies continue to become increasingly more predominant, it should be no surprise that the KVM market has followed suit. 

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