SmartLock System

SmartLock System

Cabinet-Level Access, Control, and Compliance Made Easy

The SmartLock™ System is a networked intelligent electronic door access and control system designed to deliver audited and controlled access to sensitive IT assets in the data center's white space. It is an economically scalable solution that addresses evolving cabinet-level physical security requirements and improves the workflow management of regulatory compliance mandates from PCI DSS, SOX, SSAE, HIPAA, GDPR, and EN50600.

The system consists of an intelligent door position sensor and an electronic doorhandle adapter that deploys quickly into an existing IT infrastructure. It does not require complicated wiring between cabinets or security-related equipment. It will retrofit with any pre-existing white space cabinet, containment, and enclosure while seamlessly integrating with your data center’s technology architecture to:

  • simplify operations, while enabling enterprise-level security
  • automate physical access monitoring
  • reduce total deployment effort and cost

In addition to physical security at the rack, Raritan offers other intelligent rack solutions that monitor and deliver critical information needed for continued uptime.


Scalable and Flexible

Scalable and flexible, the devices are accessible through an existing IT network within security management and DCIM software or with standard scripting and communication protocols. This allows for fast and easy IP address cascading, network discovery, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

Compatible with Raritan's Intelligent Power Management Devices

The SmartLock system is compatible with a Sensor Port on a Raritan Smart Rack Controller and PX intelligent PDU. This delivers dual networking and power redundancy options without requiring added infrastructure wiring. It also ensures uptime while reducing the effort to resolve critical issues when they occur.

Easily Retrofit in any Environment

Designed to fully integrate and retrofit with the most popular electronic door lock devices, the SmartLock system makes installation and operation simple and economical.

Network Controlled Access

With on-demand door control for defined users or groups, the SmartLock system provides flexible and secure access and control down to cabinet and device levels.

Smart Card Support

The SmartLock system provides seamless integration with popular access smart cards and other ID management technologies. It delivers multiple levels of security allowing identifiable and authorized personnel access to sensitive IT assets.

Real-time Sensing and Alerting

Embedded into the SmartLock system is Raritan’s innovative Xerus Technology Platform. Xerus enables smart sensing, tracking, and alerting of proactive, real-time information with automated audit-trail logging of access events.


Basic SmartLock Solution


The SmartLock Basic solution provides the best value for entry-level access and control requirements. Its standard lock and optional modular card reader make this solution ideal for data centers with a smaller footprint.

  • Supports the basic needs for cabinet access control
  • Perfect for a smaller number of cabinets needing audited and controlled access
  • Standalone cabinet management through the Xerus Technology Platform
  • Remotely control access permissions within DCIM monitoring software
  • Meets budget requirements for edge computing and remote/distributed cabinets



Standard SmartLock Solution


The SmartLock Standard solution is the ideal choice for operations that require a higher level of security but still need easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.

  • Offers a combination of electronic door handles with integrated single and dual-frequency smart card readers
  • Ideal if you are standardized on a definite type of smart card across the enterprise (low and/or high frequency)
  • Leverages existing Rack PDU infrastructure to send access credentials to security management software or DCIM monitoring software



Advanced SmartLock Solution


The SmartLock Advanced solution is the ultimate access and control system for data centers that require the most secure environment. This option addresses future growth demands and security requirements.*

  • Offers a combination of electronic door handles with integrated dual-frequency smart card reader
  • Capable of dual-factor authentication (2FA) and pin & card security
  • Most secure and latest encryption technology

*Advanced options listed are available on select models.

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