Power IQ®

Power IQ®

Data Center Energy Management and Power Monitoring Software

Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring Software enables data center and facility managers to closely monitor and efficiently utilize their existing data center power infrastructure. Data center health maps, power analytics, cooling charts, and reports alert you to potential trouble, and help you understand real-time power load, trends, and capacity at all levels of infrastructure. A configurable dashboard provides vendor agnostic views of power capacity, environmental health, and energy consumption. Get single-click access to rack power, cooling, airflow, events, and much more.

See Raritan’s intelligent rack solutions for monitoring and delivering the critical information you need for continued uptime.

Main Features

Environment Monitoring

A complete environment management solution that helps you to identify potential trouble areas, save energy, and maintain a safe environment for your IT equipment. Power IQ works with Raritan’s PX® intelligent rack PDUs and Smart Rack Controller, an all-in-one sensor management device, to support plug-and-play environment sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, air flow, air pressure, leaks, vibrations, and more. See trends, get alerts, save energy, and increase uptime.

Energy Management

Understand what is drawing energy in your facility and find ways to save. Power IQ monitors and measures all the energy usage in your facility including building meters, UPSs, Floor PDUs, RPPs, busways, rack PDU’s, branch circuits, environment sensors, and IT devices. Increase data center temperature without risk, calculate Green Grid’s PUE Level, and drive your green data center and sustainability initiatives with bill-back reports.

Power Management

See how much power you’re using at a moment’s notice, down to individual servers, when coupled with PX intelligent rack PDUs with individual outlet metering. Our enterprise class power monitoring software has been battle-tested in some of the largest data centers in the industry. An intuitive, configurable dashboard, provides power utilization trends and capacity across your power chain, locates stranded power, and improves data center uptime.

Vendor Agnostic Management

Manage any SNMP-metered device through a single web browser. Support is preinstalled and tested for APC®, Avocent®, BayTech®, Cyber Switching®, Cyclades®, Eaton, Geist, HP®, Knurr®, Liebert, MRV®, NetBotz, Raritan, Rittal®, Server Technology®, Sinetica, Starline Track Busway, Tripp Lite and UNITE™devices. Dynamic plugins provide added support for other manufacturer CRAC units, floor PDUs, floor UPSs, power panels, rack UPSs, rack PDUs, and standalone meters.

Additional Features

Centralized Rack PDU Management

Consolidate the names, polling status, locations, models and firmware for all your rack power distribution units (PDUs) onto one screen and save valuable management time that can be allocated to other priorities.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Gauge and Chart

See real-time PUE by automatically collecting data from building feeds, IT loads, and non-IT loads. Use the data to measure facility efficiency over time and compare with other internal and peer data centers.

Vendor Agnostic Power Control

Map servers individual power supplies to outlets in rack PDUs so you can remotely power cycle for improved uptime, operational efficiency, or energy reduction, and extend battery life during power failure.

Real-Time Dashboards

User configurable dashboards display real-time updates for power and environmental health, rack cooling performance, energy capacity, forecasts and consumption, weather services, maps, video and more.

Smart Rack View

Power IQ DCIM monitoring provides “one click access” to rack power, cooling, humidity, airflow, events and much more with drill down capabilities to see detailed information about rack contents.

Floor Map View

Real-time interactive data center health map provides color coded bird’s eye view of key data including active power, current & capacity, temperature, humidity, and rack events on per cabinet or facility object basis.

Thresholds and Alerts

Real-time event management system that warns of thresholds, receive alerts, and increase uptime and availability by gaining insight into these potential issues before they become major problems.

Cabinet Inspector

With a single click drill down from the data center health floormap and see specific rack level details to instantly pinpoint the source for threshold alerts and events as well as rack PDU performance.

Custom Reports

Build formatted, custom reports fast with auto create, schedule, and email distribution functionality. Examples: energy bill-back reports by customer, ghost servers and power hogs, monthly peak power reports, max, avg and min temperature readings.


Power IQ®

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