PXO Compact Power Distribution

PXO Compact Power Distribution

Compact Power Distribution and Control for IT/AV Applications

The Raritan PXO-line of compact power distribution units (PDUs) provides intelligence, visibility, and control to locations that are not readily available by IT personnel.

The PXO’s slim and space-saving chassis design allows the device to be mounted almost anywhere, like under a meeting room table, behind a wall-mounted monitor or TV, at POS stations, by industrial devices, and much more. The network-enabled controller allows the unit to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, 24x7, making it a perfect application for powering IT and audiovisual (AV) systems.

If you are looking to scale and deliver continuous power to your critical data center infrastructure, check out other lines of power distribution products.


Remote Power Cycling to Outlets

Remotely switchable outlets allow for power to be cycled on/off to a specific outlet, reducing OPEX spend by not having to send IT personnel to reboot equipment.

Compact Power Distribution

The slim form factor is perfect for local AV and IT applications such as meeting room/desks, bank ATMs, retail POS, electronic gaming (casinos), laboratory environments, classrooms, and hospitals.

120V NEMA and 208V IEC Options

Options include either NEMA outlets (120V) or IEC outlets (220-240V), enabling a single PDU platform to be standardized across domestic and international applications.

Optimize Your Environment

Option to connect environmental monitoring sensors or motion control sensors to keep an eye on remote conditions.

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