Rack Power Solutions for Higher Education Applications

Raritan rack power distribution and rack management solutions are ideal for higher education institutions, particularly research I universities using high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. These universities are looking for ultra-high-density rack power, reliable high compute, heightened security, and overall power efficiency. Raritan’s customizable intelligent rack PDUs fulfill your exact specifications and applications with a comprehensive range of compute power and configuration options.

Our rack power distribution and rack management products solutions provide:

  • Ultra-High-Density Rack Power Distribution up to 90kW — perfect for operating HPC clusters
  • High Compute Power 415V PDUs — provides to support innovative research, next-level computational projects, and multi-petabyte data storage capacity
  • Reliable Power Distribution — helps to bolster research across various disciplines from biomolecular genetics, politics, to machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Improve Uptime — which to enable students, faculty, and professors’ access to learning materials, student data, and other time-sensitive information
  • Physical Security and Controlled Access — helps to protect sensitive data at the rack, meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Actionable Insights — enable more sustainable computing by providing information to aid in eliminating wasteful cooling or usage of power


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Ultra High-Density Computing

Raritan intelligent power distribution units support rack power densities up to 90kW. Ultra-high-density power helps fuel HPC clusters for computational research, AI, virtual and augmented reality, genomics, climate modeling, and computational chemistry.

More Sustainable Supercomputing

Raritan 415V three-phase high-power PDUs can deliver 30kW+ per rack, enabling research facilities and data centers to run higher voltages. This provides the needed power to run any supercomputer but offers a more sustainable environment using smaller cables, less copper, and weight, creating a smaller footprint.


Security, Protecting Sensitive IT Equipment & Data

Raritan intelligent PDUs offer digital and physical security to protect data at the rack in your data center. Physical measures help combat human error using color-coded chassis and cords to prevent accidental disconnects. Some digital securities include intelligent doors that provide audited access and control to your cabinets, helping comply with regulatory compliance mandates from PCI DSS, SOX, SSAE, HIPAA, GDPR, and EN50600, and easy to use asset management tags and sensors to keep track of your mission-critical IT equipment.

Best-in-Class Reliability

Our intelligent PDUs are designed with components, features, and failsafes that ensure the most reliable and secure infrastructure possible. Features like power-sharing, which provides redundant power, advanced monitoring and alerts that help reduce downtime but notifying you of potential risks, and environmental sensors that measure temperature, humidity, and airflow keep your data center running efficiently.




PX Intelligent Rack PDUs

PX Intelligent Rack PDUs offer superior, reliable power distribution by utilizing the Xerus™ Technology Platform. With Xerus, you get real-time remote power monitoring, intelligence, advanced alerting, and complete visibility into your power chain.

The PX Series offers thousands of models with several different options. These include outlet switching, individual outlet metering, high power, and 400V three-phase power distribution.

  • Multiple metering points, including the power infeed, circuit breaker, and outlets
  • Plug-and-play environmental sensors that include temperature, humidity, airflow, and more
  • Available high voltage three-phase power rack PDUs
  • The most options for mass deployment and remote configuration with the ability to name PDUs and outlets


Environmental Sensors

Our suite of SmartSensors delivers unparalleled insight into your operations, providing a comprehensive view of the environment within your data center or any location that houses IT equipment. With four main monitoring categories available, including environmental, water detection, security, and Sensor Hubs, our SmartSensors suite enables you to manage your operations more effectively and safeguard your mission-critical IT assets. SmartSensors are:

  • Designed with the latest, most advanced metering components to prolong their lifespan
  • Utilize dual RJ45 connectors to ease installation and servicing
  • Engineered to be plug-and-play ready with Xerus-enabled power management devices
  • Able to cascade in a single bus/string structure with different types of sensors

Smart Door Locks

SmartLock™ is a networked and intelligent electronic door access and control system designed to deliver audited and controlled access to sensitive IT assets in the data center's white space.

  • Compatible with proximity card readers with iClass®, MIFARE®, DESFire®, and HID® Prox.
  • Real-time sensing and alerting
  • On-demand door control for defined users or groups
  • Tracking and alerting of proactive, real-time information with an automated audit-trail

Intelligent Sensor Management

Raritan Smart Rack Controllers are intelligent sensor management solutions that serve as a central connection point for environmental monitoring, asset location, physical access, and other monitoring and security sensors.

  • Available in 100 to 240VAC and +/-48VDC power options
  • Can connect up to 204 plug-and-play sensors (requires additional accessories to extend coverage)
  • Define thresholds and receive alerts via SNMP, email, and API when thresholds are crossed
  • Flexible mounting positions; mount inside or outside a rack, in an equipment closet, or other areas
  • Open architecture provides ease of integration into BMS or DCIM monitoring software

Intelligent Asset Tags and Sensors

Raritan Asset Management Tags and Sensors, combined with DCIM software, provide an accurate, automated, real-time inventory of IT assets and their locations.

  • Each tag has a unique ID chip and barcode that identifies stored asset information
  • Each sensor accepts user configurable colored LED states
  • DCIM software stores your device information for reporting, analysis, and review


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