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“The Raritan Branch Circuit Monitor will allow us to easily scale our monitoring solution to suit our rapidly changing needs without a large capital outlay. The BCM approach provides accurate insight on customer installations while preserving the line of demarcation between our equipment and our customer’s equipment. In short, we now have a complete picture of our power infrastructure.”

Paul Carr, Data Center Manager-Data Center Services at Unisys

“We like the BCM kit because it’s compact and easy to install and configure. It provides many useful features that enable us to have full visibility over rack power consumption, available power capacity, and capacity thresholds. It’s as simple as that!”

Aurel Vasilescu, Regional Datacenter Facility Development at T-Mobile Czech Republic

“Raritan’s new BCM system brings a new level of accuracy and breadth of power information to colocation and legacy data center operators. As a result, more data centers can benefit from monitoring real-time energy usage and rack capacity levels, and easily generate energy billing reports using Sunbird Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring software.”

James Cerwinski, Director at Sunbird Software

There is a need to increase efficiency through technology...data center infrastructure management tools like dcTrack help you with power management, capacity planning and change management. System monitoring tools help you track the health of the network.

Tan Choon Huat, Manager of Regional Data Center Facilities, AXA, Singapore

“Once, we made a mistake, causing our firewall to lock up. We had to send someone to the site, console into the server, and restart it. If we had the Dominion® SX, it would have taken five minutes to fix. It was that incident that made it mandatory to add Raritan's secure serial console server solution to our IT infrastructure."

Kevin Byrne, Network Operations Engineer, U.S. Charter Communications

"The Dominion® SX switch offers a level of serial access that we had long hoped for but never quite achieved. When you consider the added centralized management benefits that CommandCenter brings, it makes it a solution unparalleled in today's marketplace."

Adrian Dyson, Head of Command Centre and Automation, Experian Ltd., Nottingham, UK

"Using the Dominion PX, I was able to move away from relying on the circuit breaker to get an idea of the electric power needs of my test systems. This would be especially useful information for IT managers for capacity planning. And having more precise power utilization records should help IT managers apportion utility costs when charging back operational costs to business units."

Cameron Sturdevant, Labs Technical Director, eWeek

"Raritan's solution allowed us to develop a go-to-market strategy that incorporates billing for actual power usage, instead of the typical co-location model of flat-rate energy billing. This has provided a cost significant advantage for customers in our co-location facility."

Dustin Phillips, Co-Location Operations, Archer

“Raritan’s power intelligence capabilities at the device level provide important insights on how to improve energy efficiency in data centers and other locations. We are excited to add Raritan to our growing eco-system of partners. The combination of the important information provided by Raritan and the unique EnergyWise capabilities embedded within Cisco’s network infrastructure, greatly enhance customer’s ability to measure and control energy consumption.”

Jeff Reed, Vice President of Ethernet Switching Technology Group, Cisco

"The small server space at each branch location coupled with employees without IT background results in difficulties in performing certain tasks on the computer hardware. The Dominion PX power management system will help us in that regard."

Jin-Chong Zhang, MIS Vice Manager, B&Q Taiwan

"It's very important that we monitor all the environmental indicators in each remote location. The PX provides some of that just by letting us know what kind of power is being consumed in a room, and it helps identify areas where we can conserve. Green computing, through more efficient power and cooling, is something we’ve definitely been moving towards..."

Mike Carpinella, Technical Services Director, Duane Morris

"I completed my data center relocation…and centered the entire system around Raritan products. The PDU’s work perfectly as well as the KVM. I now have total control of my remote site from anywhere in the world. Everything about the install regarding Raritan went perfectly. The KVM went in on top and using color coded cables, [makes it] is easy to follow which line goes where. Thank you for another great rollout…I preconfigured everything before I sent them…and they dropped in perfectly and came right to life. Sweet."

Keith Donahue, Director IT Operations, GlobalOptions

"Before we deployed dcTrack, it would mean a trip out onto the data center floor to confirm or deny that a server is in a certain location. Now, we can just pull up the asset information on the dcTrack screen and see that server X is located in this rack, in this U; or see that it is no longer a physical server, but is now a virtual server. Accurate asset records have given us a 50 percent gain in efficiency in terms of locating an asset's physical location within the data centers. This…makes it easier to make adds and changes, and improves the accuracy of our asset inventory."

Joseph Keena, Manager of Data Center Operations, Shands Healthcare

"dcTrack helps bring order to the complex maze of data center infrastructures. When you have a dynamic and complex environment with many moving parts and interdependencies, you look for solutions to help make it easier to manage. Raritan's dcTrack…enables us to quickly allocate space for new servers, manage power and network connectivity, issue work orders and provides capacity planning across all British Airways data centers."

Keith Bott, Service Manager Equipment & Facilities, British Airways