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Raritan KVM: Remote patient monitoring that’s smart, secure, efficient, and cost-effective.

Raritan KVM healthcare nurse station

Do You Need To:

  • Access devices remotely from one central location
  • Conveniently monitor patients
  • Deploy a reliable and trustworthy device
  • Ensure the security of patient data

If the answer is yes, then Raritan’s KVM-over-IP solutions are ideal for you and your healthcare needs. Our solutions provide a cost-effective means of connecting in-room patient monitoring equipment to the centralized display points within a hospital — such as nurse stations.

Raritan’s KVM-over-IP solutions provide a time-tested solution for enabling remote monitoring and remote access. It has been proven valuable for remotely accessing equipment in data centers, clean rooms, food processing and pharmaceutical production environments, and can readily meet the needs of low cost, high flexibility, and durability for hospital and healthcare applications.


remote nurse station monitoringRemote Nurse Station Monitoring
remote patient monitoringRemote Patient Monitoring
remote IT maintenanceRemote IT Maintenance



Customer Types



imaging and radiology centers

Imaging and Radiology Centers

medical equipment support

Medical Equipment Support

rehabilitation facilities

Rehabilitation Facilities

long term care

Long Term Care

surgical centers

Surgical Centers


How it Works

  KVM-over-IP in healthcare environment


Exceptional remote access

Exceptional Remote Access

With Raritan’s KVM solutions, nurses, doctors, technicians, and IT can access medical devices from various locations around hospital wards, operating rooms, or medical campuses anytime and anywhere. The high-resolution video coupled with the remote control allows specialists to access medical equipment from anywhere within the network. Previously, they would have had to perform these in person.

Built with speed in mind

Built with speed in mind

In today’s healthcare facilities, doctors and nurses need access to information whenever and wherever circumstances dictate. They not only require continuous access, but they need it in real-time. Our KVM switches are designed for better network utilization, helping your system to process a high volume of data with minimal delay. Giving you real-time access to rapidly changing data.

A dynamic history of reliability

A Dynamic History of Reliability

Within healthcare facilities, the resiliency and reliability of technology are crucial. Raritan is a trusted global technology leader in the IT infrastructure space, offering solutions to top companies worldwide for more than 30 years. When you partner with Raritan, you can trust us to support your KVM-over-IP solution needs today and into the future.

Finding a flexible option

Finding a Flexible Option

Our KVM switches improve collaboration and efficiency, optimize uptime, and enhance security and safety without upgrading your entire IT infrastructure. These interoperable solutions work with the systems you currently have and can be integrated with proprietary software. We offer products for a single, high-performance application like a high-resolution imaging machine or an entire hospital floor of patient monitoring equipment.


Dominion KX IV-101

Dominion KX IV-101

The KX IV-101 is Raritan’s fastest and most flexible remote access and management solution, supporting higher video resolutions, faster frame rates, higher video quality, and quicker virtual media. The KX IV-101 seamlessly integrates with the KX IV User Station for the highest performance for broadcast and studios providing simultaneous access.

  • 4K Video up to 30 frames per second
  • 1080P Video up to 60 frames per second
  • High quality 4:4:4 color
  • Configurable bandwidth to operate over LAN, WAN, and Internet
  • Java-free, IP-based access to servers and workstations

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Dominion KX IV-101

Dominion KX User Station
Dominion KX User Station

The KX III User Station provides operators and technicians a high-performance, KVM-over-IP access in labs, studios, and control rooms. It supports two 1080p video sessions at 30 FPS with low latency with simultaneous access to eight or more servers, dual monitors, audio, and virtual media.

  • Supports 1080p at 30 FPS with 50 milliseconds of latency
  • Ultra-fast connections and sub-second switching
  • Supports single or dual monitors
  • Simultaneously access 8 servers at a time
  • CommandCenter integration for centralized login and access

Dominion KX III

Dominion KX III

The KX III connects to servers, PCs, and workstations via zero-U dongles supporting VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort video. Its high-performance video engine supports Java-free, BIOS-level server access and control over IP.

  • 1920 X 1080 video resolution at 30 frames-per-second
  • Virtual media to remotely install OS and software
  • Support for dual video, digital audio, and dual monitors,
  • Java-free, IP-based access to servers and workstations
  • Dual power and dual Gigabit Ethernet with automatic failover

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Dominion KX III

Centralized Server Management
CommandCenter Secure Gateway

The CC-SG provides centralized access to servers, workstations, and other IT equipment connected to the Dominion switches. You can even utilize the User Station to access servers connected to CC-SG.

  • Single point of remote access and control of your entire IT infrastructure from a single system
  • Consolidates multiple remote access technologies, including Dominion switches, iPDUs, service processors, and RDP, SSH and VNC
  • Centralized authentication, authorization, and logging
  • Available as a hardware appliance or a VMware, Hyper-V, or XenServer virtual appliance


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