SecureLock Power Cords

SecureLock Power Cords

Rack PDU Locking Power Cords

IEC outlets often fail to hold plugs as securely as data center managers would like. Raritan’s PX intelligent rack power distribution units (iPDUs) are equipped with SecureLock outlets that work with standard power cords or lock when using SecureLock power cords to prevent cables from coming unplugged.

How to Buy
In the United States, SecureLock C14 locking power cords and SecureLock C20 locking power cords are sold exclusively by StayOnline.

In Europe, Asia Pacific, and other international regions, please contact your local Raritan power expert for purchasing assistance.

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SecureLock Power Cords


Easily Identify Power Feeds

Easily identify redundant power feeds to IT equipment to ensure uptime –“A” power feed is red; “B” power feed is blue.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Eliminate the risk of IT equipment power cords vibrating loose or accidentally pulling out when you’re working on a rack.

Map Your Power Chain

Use colored PDUs and power cords to match the same color as the entire power chain that supplies power to a rack.

Faster Troubleshooting

Make it easier to identify power feeds from racks to devices and troubleshoot problems in your power chain.

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