KVM and Serial Console Server Trade-In Offer

Trade-In old KVM switches and serial console servers from Raritan, Avocent®, Aten/Altusen, Digi®, HP, IBM®, Dell®, Lantronix®, MRV®,Opengear, WTI, Perle, and Belkin®. Get great savings and the latest generation of KVM and serial console server technologies.

Environmental Sensor Starter Kit

Sensors are an easy to install, cost-effective way to reduce energy costs, improve reliability, and increase capacity for future data center growth. But most managers do little beyond monitoring the temperature by checking the thermostat reading on the wall. Receive 33% off of the list price.

KVM Health Check

Raritan’s HealthCheck provides you with an assessment of your current deployment and how you can get the most of your remote access and control.  We can help you increase your productivity with improved operations, ensure compatibility, reliability and connectivity, reduce IT infrastructure management costs, and plan for future data center IT growth.

Comprehensive Warranty Offer

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our products and customers, we offer a Synchronized Warranty, which covers both current purchases and your existing Raritan equipment. Learn how you can conveniently consolidate all your warranty info into a single policy with a common expiration date.