The True Power of an Intelligent PDU:


Manage Data Center Power Usage at the Device, Rack, Row, and Site Levels

The digital age has brought on a more complex data center power infrastructure. With the combination of certain economic drivers and technological innovations, there’s a lot more data and complex hardware to support, all while trying to remain as energy efficient as possible. And while more data and complex hardware are a good thing, it can be a challenge for many to manage data center power usage.

Intelligent rack PDUs can help address these challenges, but they must be implemented into your data center power infrastructure first. After all, you can’t properly manage what you don’t know.

Control from anywhere

Remotely Power Outlets On and Off

According to a Stanford University study, one out of three servers are probably running idle in your data center right now. That means you have servers in your data center that are consuming energy, but not delivering any useful information.

With Intelligent rack PDUs, you can remotely power on and off specific outlets to reboot idle servers from any location. They can also help you determine how to shift power loads and get full control of your power usage for a more efficient IT environment.

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Metering levels

Know Your Power Consumption at the Inlet, Outlet, and Circuit Breaker Level

With the incredibly high cost of running a server, it’s important to identify rack power consumption at the inlet, outlet, and circuit breaker level.

Inlet metering is crucial for determining overall server power usage and availability at the rack. Metering at the outlet can help you understand power consumption of a specific device or server, and metering at the circuit breaker provides early warnings if a circuit becomes heavily loaded and runs the risk of tripping.

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Configurable Alerts

Real-Time Alerting of Potential Issues

If your IT equipment or cabinets are operating outside their baseline power thresholds, uptime can be affected. With the average IT downtime costing $5,600 per minute, every second matters, and the faster you can remediate the situation, the better.

Intelligent PDUs can be configured to send real-time alerts via SNMP, email, and syslog, allowing you to get ahead of the problem before your environment is negatively impacted.

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Understanding Power

Understand Your Power Consumption

Knowledge is power (pun intended). If you don’t know exactly how much real-time power consumption is occurring at the rack-level, server uptime can be seriously compromised.

Intelligent PDUs offer granular remote power monitoring of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), power factor, and energy consumption (kWh) to +/– 1% accuracy, providing you with the most critical information to help your data center remain stable and efficient.

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The True Power of an Intelligent PDU

Taking control of the rack power infrastructure in your data center is the first step in understanding overall efficiency and potential threats that may have serious consequences upstream. Raritan’s intelligent PDUs can help you manage your power chain with capabilities that go far beyond power distribution.

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