A Unique Power Management Solution

PDUs with DCIM Monitoring Software, the Unique Advantages of Intelligent Power.

PX® intelligent PDUs offer exceptional reliability, accuracy, and metering capabilities. When partnered with Sunbird’s Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring Software, those capabilities are greatly enhanced.

Learn how this solution can help you to see and manage your data center power chain in a whole new way. Get ready to improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your power infrastructure!

Customizable Health Maps
Improve uptime and capacity management with at-a-glance views of cabinet health.

SNMP Informs Event Management
An enhanced SNMP protocol that provides PDUs with a return receipt when a trap/event is sent. Ensures all alerts are received even if the network is down temporarily.

Data Sampling Accuracy
PDUs collect meter readings down to the second and report that data to Power IQ in real-time. This billing-grade accuracy facilitates customer billback and PUE monitoring.

On Demand Billback Reports
Allocate actual energy consumption costs by customer or internal department.

Data Buffer Retrieval
Every PDU can hold up to two hours of data. In the event of network downtime, Power IQ can retrieve those samples once the network is restored. So, you’ll never lose data.


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