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Three Ways to Keep Your Power Cords Secured to Rack PDUs

Minder Singh
July 6, 2015

Power Cord

In environments that have high amounts of activity, it is very easy for power cords to become loose and fall out. If this happens, it can be dangerous to your equipment, environment and overall business. To prevent this from happening, Raritan has three options: push-button locking outlets, retention clips and Raritan’s SecureLock power cables mated to Raritan SecureLock ready rack PDUs. The push-button locking outlets and retention clips allow you to use your existing power cords, while the SecureLock option requires the purchase of SecureLock cables.

A button-type locking outlet is a security system built into certain PDUs. The C13 and C19 outlets are universal to all C14 and C20 plugs. Once any of these plugs are plugged in, the outlet will automatically lock. To remove or unlock the cable, you simply hold down the button and the cable will be released.


Raritan’s Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are designed to use cable retention clips. Located on each side of every outlet are two small holes, where the ends of the retention clip would be positioned. These metal clips ensure a tight and solid fit that guarantees power cables will remain in their outlets. In order to accommodate your specific power cable, Raritan will send (upon request and free of charge) a Retention Clip Sample Kit. With this kit, you will compare each available clip with the AC cable plug, eventually finding a clip that provides the best possible fit. Once the size or sizes are established, an order will be placed for the necessary amount of clips in the specific sizes for all the PDUs in your data center.

All Raritan PDUs with C13 or C19 outlets have SecureLock ready outlets. Inside these outlets are latch slots, which allow the SecureLock cables to click and lock into place. To remove the cable, you must press and hold down the two latches on each side of the cable. While SecureLock cables activate the locking ability, other cables can be used with SecureLock outlets, however, they will not lock. The PDU racks are available in ten different colors and similarly, the SecureLock power cords are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and connectors.

The best option is based on your company’s specific needs. Depending on your specific environment, options will differ. For example, if your PDU is located in a data center environment with cables being installed once and left in their place, retention clips might be the best option. But if your PDU is located in a lab environment with cables being installed and removed frequently, a button-type outlet might be the best option. Also, depending on your IT equipment, options will differ. If you prefer color coded and/or power cords in a variety of lengths, SecureLock is the best option. But, if you already have cables in the proper lengths, push-button locking outlets or retention clips are great options.

Raritan wants to help your company succeed by providing multiple power cord retention solutions that guarantee cords remaining in their place no matter what your environment or equipment. Learn more about Raritan's PX Intelligent PDU series