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The PX4 Rack PDU - Breaking Boundaries in Hardware Design & Intelligence

Nicholas Polk
June 1, 2023

In today's fast-paced and competitive data centers, staying ahead of the game requires constant innovation and improvement. An essential aspect of any data center infrastructure is its rack power distribution system, which is crucial to its overall performance and uptime. With the all-new PX4 Rack PDU, businesses can take their power management capabilities to the next level and outthink their competitors. 

Data center outages can cause significant disruptions to operations and substantial financial losses. According to a 2022 global survey, a quarter of respondents reported that their most recent outage cost more than $1 million in direct and indirect costs. Therefore, data centers must have reliable and robust rack power distribution solutions that minimize downtime and prevent outages. 

The PX4 Rack PDU combines advanced hardware and software technologies that ensure mission-critical uptime, real-time visibility, and alerting of power metrics at the cabinet or PDU’s outlet level. With power-related outages being a significant cause of downtime in data centers, the PX4 Rack PDU's power quality monitoring capabilities are essential for preventing downtime and optimizing data center efficiency. 

The PX4’s Total Harmonic Distortion measurements and monitoring features monitor and visualizes harmonic events like voltage dips and swells, crest factor, and much more at the rack. When coupled with Waveform Capture, businesses can have intuitive visualizations of the power being fed to the PDU or distributed to the PDU's outlets, ensuring their data center's rack power is running efficiently.  

The PX4 Rack PDU's ±0.5% metering accuracy provides accurate and reliable power consumption measurements, critical for data center infrastructure reliability, where even minor fluctuations in power consumption can impact performance significantly. The PX4’s Circuit Breaker Trip Forensics with Waveform Capture feature is another innovative technology that enables data center professionals to capture waveform data when a PDU’s circuit breaker trips. This data provides valuable insights into the cause of the trip and allows data center professionals to proactively prevent future trips, minimizing downtime and avoiding potential losses. 

Another standout feature of the PX4 Rack PDU is the fully hot-swappable onboard iX™ Controller, which is hot-swappable and replaceable without disrupting power to connected equipment. This feature reduces downtime risks and minimizes maintenance activities' impact, enabling businesses to perform necessary maintenance without the risk of costly disruptions.  

The PX4 Rack PDU is a powerful, forward-thinking tool that can help data center professionals to outthink their competition. If you want to improve power quality and monitoring in your data center, the PX4 Rack PDU is the ideal solution. Learn more about how the PX4 Rack PDU can help you stay ahead of the competition with the power of forward-thinking here.