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The New SRC: Simple, Real-World Control

Jessica Ciesla
December 16, 2020

The financial reality of working in or near data center and critical environments is that you don’t always have the resources you need to manage the facility in an ideal way.  The expectations of company leadership who are trying to meet current demands don’t always mesh with the reality of the investments in infrastructure made several years or even a decade ago.  To help bridge that gap, Raritan is introducing the new SRC Smart Rack Controller, a cost-effective way to bring actionable data to your existing infrastructure.

Genesis of the Smart Rack Controller

First conceived as a complement to the PX line of intelligent data center rack power distribution units (rack PDUs) from Raritan, the original EMX2 is now at the end of its useful lifecycle. It is being succeeded by the Smart Rack Controller (SRC), which leverages its predecessor’s knowledge and design experience gained from being in the field for over a decade. The SRC provides intelligence in the IT cabinet, equipment closet or remote enclosure for those installations where remotely managed PDUs were never implemented.

Here are a few feature improvements you will find in the new SRC family:

•    Xerus Technology Platform with embedded web interface common to Raritan, Server Technology, and Legrand brand PDUs
•    API access to the sensor data provided by the controller, works with all major DCIM tools
•    LUA Scripting support and SNMP v3, TLS 1.2 with 10/100/1000 Ethernet
•    Remote configuration and update via TFTP or DCIM tool 
•    Daisy-chain of Raritan and Legrand sensors via standard Cat5/Cat6 patch cables

The new SRC is also available in a number of power options, including 100-240VAC and +/-48VDC power options.  Dual power inputs supply dual power supplies for improved uptime and redundancy.  The unit is also rack-mountable in both 1U and Zero U applications. All of these features will be available across four different SRC models.

Data, Power and Control

Based on Raritan’s iX7 controller and Xerus Technology Platform found in today’s PX3 PDUs, the SRC family of products delivers a myriad of additional data points for the data center operator beyond the standard temperature and humidity at the rack level. 

Contact us to learn more about SRC Smart Rack Controller and how it can support your critical infrastructure monitoring needs.