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The Benefits Of Raritan’s SmartSensor

Jessica Ciesla
February 12, 2019

Monitoring a data center shouldn't require continuous onsite visits or numerous web interfaces that slow down response times and complicate data analysis. In fact, effectively monitoring a data center is a task that can and should be optimized by leveraging best in class environment sensors and DCIM software solutions. Fortunately for data centers across the globe, Raritan has developed award winning SmartSensors that provide the insights that data managers need to understand real time environment data and analyze performance trends. 

What Is A SmartSensor? 

At its core, SmartSensor is Raritan's environmental monitoring platform. It has been strategically engineered for easy deployment, accurate data results, and heightened levels of insight into a data center's operational levels. Available as plug-and-play options for EMX rack controllers, PX Intelligent PDUs, PX inline meters, and branch circuit monitors, the SmartSensors alleviate the need for a separate controller. In fact, the information gathered is instantaneously sent to a DCIM software solution, so that data managers can gain vital insights into real time environmental data via a single web interface. 

Through the SmartSensors, data center managers can react more effectively to any environmental hazards that are threatening the life or performance of mission critical IT assets. The ability to react more quickly and with greater knowledge of the potential threat, is one of the reasons that SmartSensor has achieved a best in class status. 

What Is The SmartSensor Difference?

The SmartSensor difference can be found in its unique features: 

•    Flexibility And Ease Of Deployment. -- Plug-and-play functionality makes it incredibly easy for the SmartSensor to be installed, quickly deployed, and instantaneously used without disrupting vital IT operations.
•    Single BUS / String Technology. – Due to its flexibility, the SmartSensor can readily be deployed in a cascade of 32 sensor heads in a row. Additionally, it can be linked via standard CAT 5 / 6 cables. Through a single control device, the SmartSensor makes it easier to monitor entire rows within your data center.
•    High Accuracy Chipset. -- SmartSensor leverages high-tech metering components, including accuracy at +/-1.8% for relative humidity and +/- 0.2°C for temperature sensors. These accurate insights are supported by a MTBF of 20+ years per internal chipset.
•    Built-in Cost Efficiency With Removable Sensor Heads. -- Deployment and connection to existing racks is made easier courtesy of the RJ45 connectors with removable sensor heads. In fact, you can now say goodbye to costly rewiring and extra maintenance costs, thanks to the ease with which RJ45 sensor heads can be connected and disconnected.
Through these unique features, SmartSensor delivers unparalleled benefits, including real time environment alerts that are designed to increase uptime, create more effective responses, reduce risks, and more readily implement immediate solutions. 

Enjoy The Benefits Of A SmartSensor 

The SmartSensor is designed to help data center managers more easily recognize hot spots, prevent downtime, and ultimately cool equipment to the optimal levels. In addition to these benefits, SmartSensor also provides: 

•    Enhanced monitoring capabilities for the entire data center environment.
•    An easy to use web-based interface that increases productivity levels.
•    Increased insights into data center environments (including device level and rack level monitoring).
•    Improved deployment to reduce maintenance costs and alleviate disruption to operations.
•    Scalable sensor technology that increases uptime via hot spot monitoring.
•    Reduced data center costs through more effective cooling solutions.
•    24/7 alerts for service impacting conditions and risks.
•    More accurate environmental insights.
•    Improved field response time with real time environmental alerts. 

Leverage The Power Of An Award Winning Data Center Monitoring Solution 

Thanks to Raritan's SmartSensor technology, data center managers are able to enjoy a worry-free deployment that results in substantial cost savings. Through heightened monitoring capabilities, and the highest-level metering accuracy for its class, the SmartSensors provide data center managers with the insights they need to make smarter actionable decisions. 

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