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The Advantages Of High Power PDUs

Jessica Ciesla
May 30, 2019

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) at its most basic level is a device that is fitted with multiple outlets. However, an intelligent and high power PDU is far more effective than a basic PDU. In fact, a high power PDU is not only capable of providing specific levels of electric power to storage devices, servers, and networking equipment, but it can deliver effective and long-lasting advantages to data centers throughout the world. 

Discover The Power Advantages Of PDUs

A high power PDU can run higher voltages at lower currents. The latter advantage means that data centers will be able to use smaller cables. The smaller the cables, the less copper that is used, the less space that is taken-up within a data center, and the lower the costs of running storage devices, servers, and networking equipment. All the latter benefits are achieved via high power PDUs that use three-phase circuits to deliver 208V at 40A (32A rated) with 11.5kVA. A single-phase circuit would only be able to achieve 208V at 60A (48A rated) with 10.0kVA. In short, the high power PDU is far more effective, power efficient, and cost-friendly. 

High power PDUs also allow data center managers to consolidate, which means that they can lower the associated costs of plugs and receptacles. For example, a 400V power circuit will be able to eliminate voltage transformations and subsequently reduce energy costs by an estimated 4 – 5 percent (when compared to 120V distribution). Additionally, consolidation creates the opportunity for data center managers to use and enjoy all the benefits associated with high-density racks. 

High-density racks, coupled with high power PDUs, can benefit data centers of any size. For example, the latter combination creates the opportunity for data centers to run higher voltages at lower currents. Additionally, by using three-phase power, instead of single-phase power solutions, data centers will have a simplified deployment, use less copper, reduce weight, and lower costs. In short, high-density racks and high power PDUs create the conditions needed for even the smallest data center to benefit from densely packed 1U servers and multiple blade servers.

Choose The Right High Power PDUs For Your Data Center

Choosing the right high power PDU for your data center is made easier with the help of the Raritan team. Raritan proudly offers a multitude of high power PDU models that can be delivered to your data center in three or fewer weeks. The right PDU for your data center will be engineered-to-order and can help you to gain the real time insights needed to further reduce costs, increase power efficiencies, and enhance uptime year-over-year.

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