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Smart Card/CAC KVM Solution

Minder Singh
January 3, 2009

Increase data center security and ensure HSPD-12 compliance with Smart Card/CAC-enabled KVM and KVM/Serial solutions.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), issued on August 27, 2004, mandated the establishment of a standard for identification of Federal government employees and contractors. HSPD-12 requires the use of a common identification credential for both logical and physical access to federally controlled facilities and information systems.

To help you meet this important directive in the data center or any time KVM or Serial Console access is needed, Raritan has enhanced our award-winning digital KVM and analog KVM product families with smart card reader support, allowing data center managers to enjoy the best of both worlds: greater security and greater convenience.

New DoD SIPRNET Mandate

To ensure the secure transmission of classified and secret information, the U.S. Government has mandated that all access to all military, intelligence, and other agency classified systems will require the use of a limited-access computer network SIPRNet token. This is a hardware token, cryptographically bound to the user’s identity. Raritan’s Paragon II with an integrated. card reader now supports SIPRNet tokens.  Download and read our Remote Access and Control of SIPRNet Servers Brief

Your data center has a lot to say. Are you listening? 

Dominion KX III and KSX II 
Digital KVM Smart Card/CAC Solutions

Dominion KX III and KSX II allow BIOS-level access to your KVM devices at the rack, over IP, and via modem. Fully featured when deployed standalone, or integrated with Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway management system, they both support rack-mounted servers, as well as IBM, HP, and Dell blade servers. In addition, the Dominion KSX II allows you to access and control remote switches, routers, network appliances, PBXs, firewalls, load balancers, and power distribution units (PDUs). Both feature:  

  • Unparalleled Performance: Real-life remote video performance, Absolute Mouse Synchronization plus a common browser-based local and remote interface.
  • Extreme reliability: Dual power and dual Gigabit Ethernet with automatic failover on all models.
  • Compatibility: Interoperates with a variety of smart card readers, integrated keyboards, and notebook PCs with smart card readers.
  • Highest Security: No caching of smart card data. All data traffic, including keyboard, mouse, video, and Virtual Media are encrypted.
  • Easy Upgrading: Existing Dominion KX III switches will have smart card capability through a free firmware upgrade when using D2CIM-DVUSB CIMs.


Solution Chart

Paragon II
Analog KVM Smart Card/CAC Solution 

The Paragon II family of enterprise-class, Cat5 analog KVM switches is the most widely deployed KVM solution in federal data centers. With an integrated FIPS 201-approved smart card reader in its Enhanced User Station (P2-EUST/C), Paragon II offers you:

  • Industry Leadership: Raritan’s Paragon II CAC Reader solution is the industry’s first smart card-enabled KVM switch.
  • Compatibility: The all-in-one solution works with most government identification cards.
  • Confidence: Integrated card readers from SCM Microsystems which are GSA listed and FIPS-201-approved and are widely deployed in government installations all over the world.
  • Highest security: Requires re-authentication when changing targets. The reader does not store or cache card data.
  • DoD SIPRNet Support:  Provides support for DoD-mandated SIPRNet token access to classified systems
  • Easy upgrading: Existing Paragon II users simply replace their existing user stations and CIMs to upgrade to Raritan’s Smart Card/CAC-enabled solution.


Solution Chart


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