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Service Processor Management

Minder Singh
January 3, 2009

“Free” embedded service processors (ESP), like HP iLO, Dell® DRAC and IBM® RSA can actually hurt your budget when you consider the total cost of ownership.

You may already know that many servers come with embedded service processors. What you may not know is that a service processor from a single server manufacturer is usually a dedicated – and limited – solution for their equipment only. 

This means you have to buy more than one solution to manage the variety of equipment that you have… and even purchase additional licenses to make them perform with full functionality.  Factor in legacy servers, blade servers, virtualized servers and serially-accessed devices, and you could be looking at a management quagmire.

Raritan’s solution is not only better for your data center, it’s better for your bottom line.

Raritan, a pioneer and a leader in KVM and remote data center management, offers the broadest, most advanced and most cost-effective in-band and out-of-band remote access solution in the business. What’s more, our solution works with rackable, blade and virtual servers, as well as serially-accessed network devices.

Our data center management solution is a complete solution.

Raritan’s alternative consists of two major components: our award-winning Dominion® KX II KVM-over-IP switches and CommandCenter® Secure Gateway, our browser-based, unified data center management system.

Our KVM-over-IP switch – the Dominion KX II – provides BIOS-level access to all of your devices. It’s easier to configure and maintain than service processors, and with 256-bit SSL AES encryption, is more secure. The Dominion KX II is also the only solution in the market today that incorporates FIPS 140-2 certified encryption.

Raritan’s browser-based CommandCenter Secure Gateway provides complete, unified out-of-band and in-band device management – something service processors just can’t offer.

When you look closely at the options available to you for server management, it’s easy to see that “free” iLO and DRAC service processors aren’t really free at all. Raritan’s data center management solution is clearly the better choice for your money.

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