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Secure Switches Can Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Jessica Ciesla
May 29, 2018

The threat of cyber-attacks seems to reach a new all-time high daily, as cyber criminals continue to become better funded and more sophisticated in their efforts. In fact, a recent PWC report showed that the number of security incidents across all major industries rose by an unprecedented 38 percent. Conversely, data theft from utility companies tripled from 2014 to 2015 by an astonishing 234 percent. In light of these statistics and the rising number of attacks, many companies are left searching for a solution that will protect their vital data and defend against cyber-attacks.

A Simple, Yet Powerful Solution

Secure KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switches are a simple, yet powerful solution used to protect vital data from cyber criminals. These switches have been effectively used throughout government, military, and utility networks for years. In fact, they are specifically designed to enhance operator efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple keyboard and mouse systems, as well as effectively removing the possibility of sharing data between multiple systems and networks. In short, Secure KVM switches provide a win-win solution that can help to defend against cyber-attacks by isolating systems and their data.

Leverage a Powerful Cybersecurity Tool

Not only can KVM switches defend against cyber-attacks, but they also offer an added ROI through the following advantages:

• Air Gap Defenses. -- Secure KVM switches can and should be used to maintain heightened cybersecurity measures. They are able to segregate and isolate cyber assets through an “air gap” defense, by isolating the different servers connected to the switch.  This can help to thwart signaling attacks and prevent data leakage.   
• Isolating USB Ports. -- Secure KVM switches can be used to increase security by isolating exposed USB ports. Through this innovative technology, attempts to use USB flash drives or other USP peripherals that might accidentally expose the server to malware can be effectively stopped. Additionally, the audio output inside of the KVM can be set to prevent cyber attackers from using a built-in microphone to launch a signaling attack.
• Meeting Cybersecurity Standards. -- As seen through their successful use within military, government, and utility networks, KVM switches are designed to meet rigorous cybersecurity standards. They are tested, audited, and certified by the NIAP to ensure a heightened level of protection on both classified networks and systems. Finally, they can be used in conjunction with biometric readers to help companies successfully deploy a multi-factor authentication solution. 

The moral of the story is simple, KVM switches can and will effectively help to disable cyber-attacks. By blocking signals, eliminating unnecessary and risky data sharing, providing additional control, and removing desktop clutter, KVM switches are an effective tool that should be used to combat the growing number of cyber threats and attacks. This powerful technology not only increases user productivity and efficiency but also effectively defends against cyber-attacks and limits their destructive power. 

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