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Minder Singh
January 3, 2009

Government agencies require leading-edge technology and iron-clad compliance. Raritan delivers both.

Designed to meet the very latest procurement and security standards and requirements, Raritan solutions are installed in a wide range of federal, state and local government agencies. Among our long list of government customers are the Air Force, Army, CIA, NASA, Navy, NSA, Pentagon, the State Department and many others.

Raritan KVM Meets Compliance Requirements

NEW Raritan meets the DoD SIPRNet Mandate with Paragon II. To ensure the secure transmission of classified and secret information, the U.S. Government has mandated that all access to all military, intelligence, and other agency classified systems will require the use of a limited-access computer network SIPRNet token. This is a hardware token, cryptographically bound to the user’s identity. Raritan’s Paragon II with an integrated card reader supports SIPRNet tokens.

HSPD-12, SIPRNet and FIPS 201 and PIV Compliance
HSPD-12, issued by Homeland Security, requires all federal employees and contractors to use a Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card when accessing federally controlled information systems. For access to military, intelligence, and other agency classified systems, a SIPRNet token will be needed. Raritan solutions allow users to access IT equipment through KVM switches that integrate with Smart Card technology. Selected Raritan products also support Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201).

FIPS 140-2 Compliant Encryption
For government, military and other high security applications, the Dominion KX II is the first and only digital KVM switch utilizing a validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module for enhanced encryption and security. Modules tested and validated as conforming FIPS 140-2 are accepted by the federal agencies of the U.S. and Canada for the protection of sensitive information.

Section 508 Requirements
Section 508 requirements do not apply to Raritan’s KVM Switches. However, our KVM Switches are compatible with standard user input devices (keyboards & pointing devices) and standard video monitors that can be designed to support Section 508 requirements.

An Expansive Product Line

KVM-over-IP Switches
Raritan’s award-winning, enterprise-class KVM-over-IP switches let you access and control servers over your LAN, WAN, Internet connection or dialup.

Dominion® KX II KVM-over-IP Smart Card/CAC Solution
Secure, BIOS-level access to your servers at the rack, over IP, and via modem. Compatible with smart card readers from multiple vendors.

Dominion® KSX II
The innovative Dominion KSX II provides KVM-over-IP and serial console access from a single unit. It is an ideal solution for remote offices and mid-size server rooms.

Analog KVM
Secure, battle-tested analog KVM switches give you the power to access and control servers and other network devices in your data center.

Paragon® II Analog KVM Smart Card/CAC Solution
Out-of-band access to your servers from up to 1,000 feet away with an integrated smart card reader.

Serial Console Management
Secure console switches offer you one point of control to manage remote, serially managed servers and other serial devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser.

Infrastructure Management
Leverage the power of the proactive network, systems, and security monitoring of both virtual and physical servers in your data center through a unified, simplified management console.

Power Management
Secure rack PDU solutions provide you with PDU-level and outlet-level monitoring, remote PDU-level and outlet-level switching, and temperature and humidity monitoring.

How to Buy

  1. Authorized Dealers
    Raritan serves the government market through our network of 250+ Authorized Solution Provider partners, many of whom have deep experience in meeting the unique needs and requirements of government IT professionals.
  2. State and Federal Acquisition Contracts
    Raritan products are available on a number of State and Federal Government wide Acquisition Contracts via Raritan’s Partner Community.  Check our State and Federal Acquisition Contracts page
  3. Raritan Government Market Contacts
    Dana Pruitt, Territory Sales Manager
    Office: (443) 333-0750
  4. E-mail: