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Raritan’s PX PDUs, the Choice of Enterprise Data Centers

Nicolas Sagnes
January 18, 2018

With the growing costs of power and increased uncertainty in power availability, energy conservation has become a major concern in the data center.  Increases in the demand of computing power to satisfy mission-critical applications along with the emergence of virtualization have had major effects on server density, making the need for an efficient energy management plan even more important. When using Raritan’s PX PDUs,  with the detailed knowledge of energy consumption gained from real-time monitoring within the data center, administrators can feel secure that they are making better, more energy-conscious decisions.

Raritan’s PX Intelligent PDUs have been designed to support the harshest of conditions in the data center. The PX transpires quality and high-end craftsmanship, it also allows for a wider range of applications, always ensuring the highest level of uptime. All PX intelligent PDUs go through a stringent testing and certification process inside Raritan factories compliant with ISO9001 quality standards. The R&D process is compliant with ISO14001 and 14062 for an environmentally conscious design.

PX iPDUs leverage decades of expertise with world-leading data center deployments. They are engineered to provide a perfect fit inside the rack environment, with enterprise-grade reliability. Assembled inside an air-tight aluminum chassis, thermocoated for high temperature resistance (up to 60C/140F), Raritan PDU easily integrates into the highest density racks. It also helps operators see clearer into their power utilization and environmental conditions. Raritan controls all aspects of the manufacturing process, from the chassis to the circuit boards. With this, we are able to deliver, test, and certify any form factor, or power configuration imaginable. We do this at a leading performance rate, with customizable features like the circuit breaker type, position, and configuration: We call it Xerus Technology Platform.

PX internal structure is wired and tested manually with hundreds of critical control points. Each metering chip and sensing point is certified at a billing grade accuracy (+/-1%) at all types of loads, providing a clear and accurate picture of your power consumption. On outlet switching models, PX leverages Bi-state latching relays. This allows the user to select the default reset state of the relay and avoid unwanted interruptions from “normally open” relays, as is the case in the majority of switched PDUs on the market today.

As you can see, Raritan delivers a well-rounded package when it comes to Raritan PX PDUs. From the high-end craftsmanship to the advanced Xerus Technology Platform there is a vast array of features that put our products ahead. For more information on the PX exclusive feature-set, visit