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The Dominion KX III KVM-over-IP vs the KX II: What’s Really the Difference?

Richard Dominach
July 29, 2014

Dominion KXIII vs KXII KVM Switch

A common question I get is:  what is the difference between the new Dominion KX III and the previous generation KX II KVM-over-IP systems?   The short answer is:  KX III is our next generation KVM-over-IP switch family that is compatible with the KX II, can do virtually everything the KX II can do (at the same price point), but with dramatically improved performance and support.   The KX III is compatible with the KX II in terms of user features, the user interface, CIMS (server dongles) and CommandCenter management.  Here are some other notable features. 

  1. Dramatically improved video performance:  The KX III provides high-performance IP access for traditional IT/computer applications, as well as video-intensive applications that need 1920x1080 video resolution, 30 frames-per-second, 24 bit color and digital audio. Check out our KVM video comparison test, to see how KX III outperforms the competition.
  2. New, higher quality digital local port:  The KX III has a DVI-D local port for high performance, at-the-rack access.  When connected to Raritan’s T1700-LED-backlit LCD console drawer, you will experience a high performance display with speedy performance.
  3. Tiering port on all models:  With Cat5 cables, you can tier or cascade KX III units together and connect to up to 1024 servers from a single point in the data center.

The KX III’s stunning video performance extends the benefits of flexible, IP-based remote access to many new applications including broadcast (TV and radio), entertainment/media, scientific, financial, A/V and any application using streaming video or dynamically changing screens.

End-of-life has been announced for the KX II, with the end-of-sales date set for July 30th, 2014.  This does not include the single-port KX2-101-V2, which is not going end-of-life. While Raritan will honor the existing hardware warrantees for the KX II, there will be limited firmware updates, with end-of-support set for July 2016.  Customers should plan to migrate to the new KX III for more frequent updates, support for security fixes, browser/Java updates, maintenance and new features.  Raritan has a KVM trade-in program to help customers upgrade to the KX III.

Interested in the KX III? Take a test drive and see if it's the right remote access solution for you.