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Power Monitoring And Metering

Jessica Ciesla
August 28, 2019

In the current digital age, it is expected that data centers will continue to rise in both power consumption and complexity. In fact, it is predicted that the use of data will grow to exceed 160 zettabytes by 2025.  As the age of big data continues to grow, the challenge for data center operators will be to discover how they support additional data, remain energy efficient, and ultimately reduce costs. Power monitoring and metering are the two key components that will help data centers succeed over the next decade.

Enjoy The Cost Saving Benefits Of Remotely Powering On and Off

Across the globe, hung or idle servers are often the most common problem that impacts data centers. If you think that you are the exception to the rule, then you might want to double check that your servers are operating properly. According to a recent Stanford University study, approximately one in every three servers is running idle in every data center, and thus generating unnecessary costs. Fortunately, an Intelligent PDU is an easy to implement solution that will allow you to remotely power on and off specific outlets. Intelligent PDUs help to create a more efficient IT environment, while simultaneously reducing costs through the elimination of idle power-consuming servers. 

Gain Powerful Insights Into The Entire Data Center From Top To Bottom

On average, the cost of running a server for an entire year is approximately $731. In this vein, it is vital that you have top to bottom insights on the power consumption of the server to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency levels. Through metering you can gain vital insights into the server's overall power usage and availability at the rack level.  Through outlet metering, you can better understand how a specific device (or server) is consuming power. Finally, through circuit breaker metering you can gain the early warnings needed to avoid overloading, while simultaneously reducing the risk of tripping. Through detailed power consumption metering, you can not only effectively monitor usage, but you can ultimately reduce your costs throughout the entire year.

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime With Real-time Alerts

It's no secret that unnecessary downtime is not only expensive, but it can have far-reaching negative impacts on the data center. In fact, a recent study revealed that the average IT downtime costs an unprecedented $5,600 per minute. It is vital that you not only avoid unnecessary downtime, but that you implement measures to resolve the issues quickly. Once again, PX Intelligent PDUs offer the real-time insights that you need to avoid unnecessary downtime. These real-time insights can be sent via SNMP, email, and syslog to ensure that you are alerted to possible issues before even a second of downtime can occur. These easy to read devices, also provide remote power monitoring and accurate energy consumption reports that will help you to optimize your data center for prolonged stability and efficiency.

The Bottom Line: Gain Additional Control With Power Monitoring And Metering 

The moral of the story is simple, if you want to take back control of your data center, then you need to leverage Intelligent PDUs. Intelligent PDUs are the power monitoring and metering solution that will help you to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and avoid unnecessary downtime.