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One Simple Way to Improve Resiliency and Reduce CAPEX in Your New Data Center

Jon Inaba
August 20, 2015

Photo: Upcoming Forth Worth Data Center


Want to dramatically reduce your CAPEX spend on your next data center buildout? Consider deploying hardwired rack power distribution units (rack PDUs). Typical savings for a 60A/208V environment are in excess of $1000 per rack. 

With Raritan’s terminal block configured, UL Listed, PX Intelligent PDU series, you can safely avoid the additional cost of SOOW cables and power plugs and simply have your electrician wire the unit directly to an existing power whip or conduit/wire infrastructure.

This intelligent feature can save thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for expensive plugs, connectors, and SOOW cable. You’ll also remove an additional air obstruction from the data center that may impede efficient cooling.  

Consider your savings at approximately 17kVA per rack:

PDU Cord10’ SOOW #4 AWG$88
PDU PlugIEC 60309$173
Tap Box ConnectorIEC 60309$205
Tap Box Cord2’ SOOW #4 AWG$17
Tap Box Strain ReliefKellems® Mesh Grip, 1.5” O.D.$48

Total savings: $1,062 per rack!

Additionally, you may be able to avoid the need for, cost, and maintenance of an emergency power off (EPO), thereby saving thousands in CAPEX. And, save on OPEX by preventing unplanned downtime due to accidental EPO activation. All this, while improving the overall resiliency of the electrical infrastructure by reducing points of failure. 


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