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Lock it Down with KVM-over-IP !

Richard Dominach
February 28, 2012

A recent InfoWorld article entitled “Got remote access?  Lock it down” makes the claim that “poorly configured remote-access programs routinely account for a significant portion of data breaches and network security incidents.”  It further cites RDP and VNC as “the two top culprits.”  Incredibly it estimates 83 million open VNC ports and  230 million RDP ports.

Compare this to the use of KVM-over-IP systems, which do not share the vulnerabilities of standard remote access systems.  Secure appliances such as the Dominion KX II provide out-of-band remote access without the use of hardware or software agents installed in servers or PC’s.  In addition, KVM-over-IP provides BIOS-level remote access and does not depend on applications or even the operating system to be running on the server or PC being accessed.

KVM-over-IP systems are not well known by hackers, do not use standard TCP/IP ports, and have many security features.  For example, strong passwords can be enforced, users can be blocked after failed login attempts, IP access control can limit access, and comprehensive user and group permissions can be set.  Moreover, user access is logged and security events raised for suspicious activities.

With KVM-over-IP you can have full-featured, secure, locked-down remote access!  Check out the Dominion KX II on