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Join Industry Pros for a Data Center Efficiency Event! Keynote Address: "The Integrated System to Manage the Data Center Ecology" by Bill Dunckel, PG&E.

Dorothy Ochs
July 26, 2010

Full Power: Join us as we share our ideas on how to efficiently power your data center and impact your bottom line.

Energy is the single largest expense of data center operations. Improving efficiency is the surest way to impact your bottom line.

Join us for a first-of-its-kind energy summit featuring power players from Raritan, Teledata Communications, Federspiel Controls, and Power Assure. Learn from the experts how to capitalize on data center energy efficiency as they debunk common misconceptions and illustrate:

– How easy it is to put efficient systems in place

– The timeline for actualizing savings

– “Green” opportunities that will position you as an industry leader

– Affordability through rebates and incentives

– An actual How-To reduction plan to optimize efficiency

– Real customer case studies that show the strategies at work

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