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IT Productivity Boosts

Posted on July 28, 2010 by Richard Dominach


IT administrators are the consummate multi-taskers!  Never have I seen a job with more to do, more interruptions, and more #1 priorities.   KVM-over-IP and Access Systems can be a huge benefit giving IT admins instant, remote access to hundreds or even thousands of servers and devices.

The recent Dominion KX II release (version 2.3) provides a variety of productivity advancements to boost the productivity of the busiest IT admin including: dual/multi-monitor support, launch in full screen mode, HD video resolution, DVI-I support and speedy single mouse mode.

These days there is too much work to fit on a single screen!  So the use of dual and multiple monitors is essential.  With the new dual monitor feature, the Dominion KX II KVM-over-IP Clients will launch on multiple monitors.  Users can control which monitor the Client is launched on and whether the Client is launched in full screen mode.

So, for example, a user can have Command Center in their primary monitor and launch KVM sessions in full screen mode on a second monitor.  Full screen mode now features a hidden toolbar for convenient access to all KVM Client functions.  Full screen mode is just like a direct connection to a server.  Except that you are at your desk, in a meeting or even at home.

For more information on the Dominion KX II’s latest advancements in productivity, security and tiering/cascading, see: