The Raritan Blog

Introducing Raritan, a Brand of Legrand

Michael Bord
March 10, 2016

This month we are thrilled to introduce Raritan’s new logo. Raritan Inc. is now Raritan, a Brand of Legrand.  On the surface, it would appear to be nothing more than semantics and a sleek new modern design.  But, there’s more to the story than that. 

Raritan was founded in 1985 when Ching-I Hsu, and his wife Esther, created a business reselling PC components out of their home. Not long thereafter, the company began manufacturing PCs.  To make development and testing more efficient, they developed a tool that would be the predecessor to the first KVM switch.

Then in the 1990s, the KVM business took off. Raritan became one of the world’s leading KVM switch providers. From there it developed a strong foothold in data centers and server rooms. That foothold allowed Raritan to launch two new businesses in the mid-2000s: intelligent power distribution and data center infrastructure management software.


Over the course of three decades, Raritan managed to carve out a reputation for quality and innovation in the data center. And throughout that time, our logo remained mostly the same.  But, after joining Legrand in 2015, we felt it was time for an update. 

Our new logo is a proud reflection of our past and what Raritan represents in the data center. But, it’s also an embodiment of our new and exciting place within the Legrand family.

So going forward, you can count on Raritan to deliver the same award-winning data center solutions we’ve always provided. Here’s to the next chapter in Raritan’s remarkable history!