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Increasing Rack Density as Part of Your Consolidation Strategy Checklist

Michael Bord
November 10, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, experts predict data center consolidation will become a priority in the forthcoming year.  This is partly in anticipation of the strain that the internet of things (IoT) will put on data centers.  But it is also reactive.  Several companies have already felt the bite of greater power and cooling demands eating into profits.  And there’s also the issue of high realty costs. For data centers in prime geographic areas, there’s an immediate need to make better use of existing space.  

As part of the consolidation checklist, data centers will need to increase power to racks.  Raritan‘s Henry Hsu recently spoke about the savings that result from high power density deployments,  But there are several other factors that data center managers should take into consideration. 

Data Center Knowledge writer Bill Kleyman believes that the checklist should be part of a holistic approach. Thus data center managers would be wise to look at changes to hardware and software, and how they impact users.  Read more about how these three areas will influence data center consolidation here