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In Data Centers and Across Multiple Industries, Sensors are the Future

Michael Bord
March 10, 2014

Last year, in a fascinating article published by Gigaom, we learned some incredible ways in which sensors are making their way into a variety of industries and changing the way companies do business.

“Sensors placed in cars are allowing insurance companies to link policy premiums to actual data on how and where a car is driven. Sensors placed in teddy bears are allowing hospitals and parents to closely monitor sick children’s vital signs in a natural, comfortable environment. Even Disney is getting into the act with sensor-enabled MagicBands that allow customers to enter parks, unlock hotel rooms, and purchase food and merchandise with a simple wave of their hand.”

Data Centers are another place where sensors are on the verge of sparking a revolution.  Although sensors have been around for several years and most DC managers are aware of their existence, few have forayed into using them for monitoring and optimizing their environment.  Unfortunately, it’s a huge mistake.

Environmental sensors can help you to make sure you’re meeting temperature guidelines and not overcooling or undercooling equipment. They make it easy to spot hot pockets due to poor circulation, detect water in the event of a pipe leak, and identify problems with humidity that can lead to electrostatic discharge or corrosion. 

In short, sensors are a cost effective way to prevent damage to valuable equipment, save on energy, improve reliability, and even gain additional capacity you weren’t aware existed. So if you’re not on the sensor bandwagon yet, click on the link below to learn the top 5 Reasons Environment Sensors are used in all Modern Data Centers.

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