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Importance of Operating Your IT Equipment in Temperature Safe Zone

Jessica Ciesla
May 6, 2019

Did you know that data centers consume approximately 1.8 percent of the total United States' electricity consumption? This unprecedented energy usage is expected to increase year over year as the amount of data consumed on an annual basis rises at unparalleled rates. The inherent challenge of rising energy and data consumption levels lies in environmental monitoring. In fact, when IT equipment isn't operated in the right environment (including within the designated temperature safe zone) it can lead to disastrous results. 

What Effect Does Humidity, Air Flow, Air Pressure, And Temperature Have On Your IT Equipment? 

If data center operators want to reduce costs, increase operating efficiencies, and lower energy consumption levels, then they need to consider the impact of humidity, air flow, air pressure, and temperature on IT equipment. 

•    Humidity. -- Did you know that humidity can impact your electricity bill? High humidity leads to higher levels of condensation, which subsequently increases the risk of an electrical short. When humidity levels are too low, data centers can experience electrostatic discharge (ESD). In short, if the humidity isn't within the safe zone, then the effectiveness of your IT equipment can suffer, and your data center is more likely to experience unwanted periods of downtime. 
•     Airflow. -- The proper amount of airflow can help to lower the risk of overheating devices, racks, and servers. As a general rule of thumb, the airflow should be monitored above and below the floor. Blockages under the floor can cause uneven airflow, which can result in both cold and hot spots. 
•    Air Pressure. -- Air pressure that is too high can result in increased fan costs. High air pressure can also cause leakage that unintentionally lower circuit cooling air. If the air pressure is too low, then hot spots can occur and devices can overheat. In short, if the air pressure isn't at the optimal level then the entire facility can suffer from poor energy efficiency. 
•    Temperature. -- Did you know that undercooling your data center comes at a significant cost? In fact, you can save four percent on energy costs simply by getting one degree closer to the temperature safe zone. By operating within the temperature safe zone you can reduce your risk of overheating devices, causing outages, and putting unnecessary strains on your devices.

Install Temperature Sensors Today 

Temperature sensors and Intelligent PDUs can and should be used to help you accurately gather and monitor temperatures throughout your entire facility. With the help of Raritan's Intelligent PDUs and environmental sensors, you can more readily monitor the temperature, air pressure, airflow, and humidity in your data center.

To reduce your energy costs, lower the risks of outages, create a smaller environmental footprint, and maximize profits, contact a Raritan team member today.