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How LinkedIn Scaled Data Center Operations with Three-Phase Power

October 7, 2016

LinkedIn, Data Center Knowledge, and Raritan have joined forces to share unique insights on bringing three-phase power chains all the way to the rack.  The three companies will be participating in a webinar this month on “How LinkedIn Scaled Data Center Operations with Three-Phase Power.” 

Three-phase power to the cabinet is trending in data centers worldwide because of its success in reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary voltage transformations and line transmission loss.   400V power, for example, can cut energy costs by about 2-3% vs. 208V distribution – and can cut about 4-5% costs when comparted to 120V distribution.  And, three-phase power designs are helping data centers of all sizes; including hyperscale ones like LinkedIn’s data centers that have scaled to support its growing user base – now about 433 million users worldwide.

You’ll hear from Eric Wendorf, LinkedIn’s Senior Engineer for Data Center Global Critical Infrastructure, about the cost, capacity and scale benefits derived from extending higher-voltage power distribution all the way to each cabinet.  He’ll be joined by Jawahar Swaminathan, Raritan’s Director of Power Sales and Engineering.

Moderated by Data Center Knowledge’s Orin Thomas, the free webinar will be on October 20 at 2pm ET.  Webinar speakers will be sharing real examples on why three-phase power makes sense; reviewing the types of three-phase power, and will be showing how to implement and balance three-phase power – including some tips on how to make load calculations easier.  Speakers also will be on hand to answer questions from attendees during this interactive webinar.