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Get to Know Raritan’s AV-Over-IP Distribution System

Michael Bord
June 25, 2015


Get to know Raritan's new AV-over-IP (RAV-IP) Distribution System.  It provides high-performance video and audio streaming over flexible, low-cost IP networks.  Raritan’s simple encoder and decoder based system can be installed in minutes using low-cost Cat5/6 cable, fiber, and Gigabit Ethernet switches.  The system is unique in its flexible support for both Cat5 and fiber in a single system.

The RAV-IP is designed to support the AV needs of a large number of scenarios—including digital signage and multimedia content displays in stores, banks, corporate and hotel lobbies, office buildings, conference rooms, airports, schools, medical facilities, and control rooms. 

Key features of the RAV-IP include:

  • High performance audio and video streaming over IP.
  • 1080p streaming video at up to 60 FPS with low latency.
  • AV and KVM over IP extension, distribution, and switching.
  • Uses low cost Cat5/6 cable, fiber, and Ethernet switches.
  • Out-of-the-box installation with minimal setup requirements.
  • Easy to expand - just add more encoders and decoders.

Raritan has provided award-winning KVM and video-over-IP solutions to the IT industry for thirty years. Our products have been deployed in thousands of broadcast and control room sites. Now, we’re launching a focused line of Video-over-IP solutions that are simple, powerful, and flexible.  


To learn more about RAV-IP, download the data sheet, or check out our SlideShare.