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Four of the Most Innovative Features of Rack PDUs

Michael Bord
June 10, 2014

Rack power distribution units or PDUs have come a long way from where they started. Where once they were limited to supplying electricity to devices, they’ve now evolved to have sophisticated capabilities that help data centers manage their power chain more effectively. These are some of the most innovative features of rack PDUs today.

1. USB Ports That Save Time and Resources

It’s hard to imagine how so many benefits can come out of a simple little port, but that is indeed the case! USB ports on rack PDUs allow customers to save thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – by eliminating the need for costly copper-based network infrastructure resources by providing both Wi-Fi and cascading capabilities. This creates a smart network of PDUs that you can easily manage remotely and use to monitor power loads and ensure uptime.

2. Sensors for Monitoring the Data Center Environment

Not only do rack power strips help you to distribute power more efficiently, but they can also help you to monitor the conditions in your data center. Many PDUs are equipped with ports for optional environment sensors that provide real-time feedback on temperature, humidity, airflow, and air pressure. There are even sensors that can detect the presence of fluid leaks, or whether a cabinet has been opened and trigger a webcam to take a picture, thereby adding a layer of physical security!

3. Locking Cables that Prevent Accidents

Many PDUs offer receptacles that make it possible to physically lock a cable into that receptacle. This may seem insignificant, but consider how many accidental cable disconnects can be avoided while a technician is swapping out equipment. It even prevents cables from falling out from the non-stop vibration of servers and other devices. You avoid unplanned downtime simply by securely locking your cables into the PDU.

4. Web-Based Power Monitoring Software

Lots of PDU’s have displays that can show you how much power is being drawn at that exact moment, but really intelligent PDUs have power monitoring software that can help you to do a better job of managing the power going to your critical devices, finding stranded capacity, and finding ways to use the capacity that you do have more efficiently.  


As you can see, PDUs have truly come a long way over the last few years. And with so many powerful and game changing features, there’s really no comparing basic PDUs to their intelligent counterparts.

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