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For Improved Efficiency, Consolidate PDU, Server and Serial Device Control

March 2, 2012

One of the ways to improve efficiency in managing the data center is to consolidate access to disparate types of equipment into one secure, centralized interface. Requiring users to utilize separate access solutions is cumbersome and wastes valuable administration time & money.

To eliminate this problem, integration between CommandCenter Secure Gateway and Power IQ enables users who have deployed these solutions to easily access and manage their power infrastructure, servers and serial devices from a single CC-SG client.

Integration between the two enables convenient access and control of any PDU managed by Power IQ — including non-Raritan models — and is easy to implement, use and maintain.

The interface between CC-SG and Power IQ is very easy to configure. Data is easy to upload and synchronize between the two, which eliminates the need to enter duplicate data in each platform.

Data can also be exported from either platform, manipulated in Excel or other programs that accept a .csv file and then imported back into the system.

There are three primary points of integration between CC-SG and Power IQ:

1. Remote power control of Power IQ-managed PDUs from CC-SG – including non-Raritan models.

2. Synchronization of Power IQ with CC-SG to automatically import PDU profile information.

3. Sharing of CSV files.

Configuring communications between CC-SG and Power IQ is fast and easy. After activating the API in Power IQ, simply enter the IP address and a small amount of additional information in CC-SG.  Then, indicate how any duplication in node names should be handled during synchronization.  Synchronization is then set up as a task or it can be executed manually as needed.

Synchronizing with Power IQ and pulling updated information into CC-SG is easy to configure in the task setup menu. The task menu offers a great amount of flexibility, allowing organizations to match the synchronization interval with their operational requirements.

When the data is added to CC-SG, nodes are created for each device that’s connected to a PDU outlet and are displayed for easy access and power control.

So, eliminate doing double duty in your access & control of resources.  Leverage the synergies of CC-SG and Power IQ.  Key benefits include access to all data center resources from a single interface, eliminating redundant management of system users, and streamlined data management.