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Energy Monitoring

Minder Singh
January 3, 2009

One of your servers may be in trouble. But that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Raritan energy management solutions let you monitor energy draw at the individual outlet level. So you can avoid drama in the data center.

Now you can get the information you need about your power usage, when you need it. Our intelligent solutions, including Power IQ and Dominion PX, help you measure and manage draw down to the outlet level, providing you with greater control of your energy consumption.

If you can’t measure your power, you can’t manage it.

  • Like many IT professionals, you may be looking for ways to improve productivity in your data center. Our solutions are designed to help, with remote power on/off/recycling, user group management capabilities, simplified bulk rack PDU configuring and PDU consolidation across multiple data centers.
  • Concerned about downtime? Raritan power management solutions help you reduce downtime risk with rack temperature and humidity monitoring, outlet, rack, and data center power draw monitoring, threshold alerts, plus real-time data gathering for modeling, change and capacity management.
  • Our solutions also help you manage power usage more effectively, with data gathering that can help you identify and gain efficiencies and interval sampling for trending, analysis and reporting over time.

Your data center is trying to tell you something. You just need the right tools to know it. 
Get started with a test drive of our power management solutions today. 

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