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Data Center Storage and Networking with the iX7 Advance Controller

Rick Gonedes
August 17, 2017

The iX7 PDU Controller was designed from the ground up to allow operators to make the most of their available resources in a way that positions them to not only meet the challenges of today but to address the demands of the future. It can be integrated into existing PX3 intelligent  PDU models with no additional costs required. At the same time, it brings those PX3 models more ports, more computing power, and the ability to execute more varied applications to help operators manage their data centers more efficiently and at lower costs than ever before.

Complete with a future-proof design architecture, the iX7 is a PDU controller that is built to stand the test of time in more ways than one.

The Impact of Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity to the Rack Infrastructure

In an effort to act as a solution that is both easy to use and easy to deploy, the iX7 generation controller provides a standard Gigabit Ethernet port. This itself brings with it two key benefits. First, adapting to a given Gigabit E switch environment is now easier because operators no longer have to install separate network adapters and other pieces of equipment. Making Gigabit Ethernet available now is also a way to guarantee seamless connectivity into modern and future switching infrastructures, allowing operators to both meet the requirements of today while planning for the challenges of the future.

Gigabit Ethernet would be invaluable in a situation where operators need to create cascading, for example, to free up USB ports on an existing controller for use with other applications.

Gigabit Ethernet is important to the modern network topology thanks to the wide range of different benefits it brings to the table. It's capable of speeds up to 1000 Mbps, exponentially faster than the previous solutions. Because it provides more total bandwidth, it is helpful for operations in data centers where multiple users may be accessing the same network device at the same time. This results in less congestion and ultimately higher performance, all of which are essential to maintaining maximum uptime. Even tasks like file transfers and backups become faster and more efficient when Gigabit Ethernet is employed.

The iX7 Advance Controller: Other Features and Benefits

Thanks to its unique design, the iX7 also offers a wide range of additional benefits like:

  • Dual Networking for Network Backup. Being able to leverage both Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet at the same time creates a necessary redundancy to a local PDU network and to secure communications. It helps to remove single points of failures, which is especially valuable in the case of a remotely managed data facility. Connecting just a single iX7 to two separate VLANs, for example, allows for reliable backup access in the event of a network failure.
  • Dual Network Access. The iX7’s design allows it to be connected to two separate networks, both with clearly separate policies, while still allowing a third party to read critical power data and receive appropriate alerts for faster remediation and problem-solving. If a member of the colocation technical team is alerted instantly when a short circuit occurs and a circuit breaker is about to trip, for example, they can access the PDU to diagnose and quickly intervene on behalf of a tenant.
  • As stated, the iX7 also allows for resilient network deployment with extended cascading capabilities. Operators can now leverage dual Ethernet ports to cascade PDUs across a much longer distance using the Closed Loop STP protocol. This eliminates any single point of failure of network connectivity that could lead to costly downtime, all while still allowing access from both ends of the chain.

 ​​​​In the End

When you are talking about a situation like a power loss, every second is critical. It is not only important to know that a problem has occurred, but having the relevant data and insights at your fingertips is paramount to act quickly to remediate. Thanks to these and other advanced features that are only present on the iX7 advance controller from Raritan, you're now in the best possible position to do exactly that. To learn more about the advance iX7 controller and PX intelligent power distribution units click here.