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Centralized Server Management

Posted on January 3, 2009 by Minder Singh

CommandCenter® Secure Gateway offers features that can help you remotely manage your data center or lab more efficiently.

CommandCenter Secure Gateway allows IT administrators to remotely manage servers, manage serially-accessed network devices, and control power from a secure, single Web browser interface, including Raritan’s Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches, Dominion SX serial switches and PX™ intelligent PDUs.  By consolidating multiple access technologies, including KVM-over-IP, service processors, and in-band methods such as RDP and VNC, CC-SG simplifies remote management, expedites troubleshooting, and provides remote power control, maximizing your uptime and productivity.

Secure, centralized remote management and console access couldn’t be easier, with:

  • Flexible client options, including an HTML Access Client interface, Administration Client - and a Mobile KVM Client for convenient server access, remote server management, and remote power control from a smart phone or tablet PC
  • Integration with Power IQ for combined server and remote power control from a single interface – use CC-SG to control the intelligent PDUs in your data center or lab, including Raritan, APC®, Server Technology®, Geist and others
  • Support for third party KVM switches – update your management capabilities without replacing your existing KVM infrastructure
  • Enhanced VMware®, DRAC and iLO support

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Try CommandCenter Secure Gateway now.

Download a free virtualized evaluation copy of CC-SG that provides access to 16 target servers and devices (runs on VMware ESX, ESXi and Player). To get started, just click on the link below and see for yourself how CC-SG can help you become more productive in your data center. Includes a built-in license.

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