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Best Deployment Methods for Environmental Monitoring

Jessica Ciesla
April 14, 2021


Environmental monitoring is a data-intensive information gathering exercise. Read more to learn about best practices for deploying intelligent rack PDUs for environmental monitoring applications. 

Data center infrastructure designed for environmental monitoring not only has to stand the test of time, but it has to be built on a platform that supports ready access to critical information at any moment. Environmental monitoring relies on sure building blocks that are abundantly capable of doing their job on-site no matter the conditions—along with the ability to access the critical information being generated by those components from afar.  While it sounds easy enough on paper, the key is to land on the fastest and most efficient method of processing the data you are collecting. 

An Environmental-Monitoring Workhorse That Delivers—and Then Some 

When we think of environmental monitoring, we generally think more about the data output than about the sensors that are tasked with collecting information on present conditions, temperature, and humidity readings, rightly so! However, it stands to reason that best-of-breed components, such as sensors and processors, make or break the deployment. Sitting demurely behind the scenes is a deployment best practice, which is to engineer an environmental monitoring system around a rack PDU —one that can consistently deliver reliable information at any time. 

This is where Raritan’s iX7 controller comes into play. Built for our PX Intelligent PDUs, the iX7 controller is a monitoring workhorse that delivers the ideal environmental monitoring platform: 

  • With a host of extra ports, a larger memory pool, and more highly efficient processors, the iX7 delivers the longest technology lifespan of any intelligent PDU. 
  • It delivers redundant power and communications. The iX7 gets redundant power through the expansion port with a standard cat5 cable. If the PDU loses power from its feed, iX7 will still alert you, and maintain full-network connectivity. 
  • You can remotely access the Xerus powered responsive user interface from your desktop or through any mobile device. 

Needs Met, Hands Down 

In fact, the iX7 is like that fully optimized blade chassis in your data center—it is the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done. The most advanced PDU controller ever built, the iX7 can serve up asset management, rack access and security, environmental monitoring, and capacity management. All of this data can be leveraged through Power IQ monitoring software, or via your own BMS or DCIM software. 

Contact us here at Raritan to learn more about iX7 controlled intelligent Rack PDUs and how they can support your environmental monitoring needs.