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Benefits Of The Dominion KX III

Jessica Ciesla
October 8, 2018



The Dominion KX III is an enterprise level KVM-over-IP switch that offers the ultimate solution for increasing productivity, enhancing security, avoiding unnecessary travel to offsite locations, and supporting higher uptime for your equipment. What makes the Dominion KX III so great? In addition to the aforementioned benefits, this unique Raritan product can provide remote management for 8, 16, 32, or 64 servers via a single switch. This capacity coupled with its ability to provide 1, 2, 4, or 8 users with BIOS-level remote management makes it the ideal choice for both general computer and dynamic broadcast applications.

Enjoy The Features And Benefits Of The KX III In A Multitude Of Settings

The KX III is the ideal choice for a wide variety of locations including: test labs, data centers, and server rooms. Through a Java-free system and the ability to be deployed individually or via Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway, the KX III is the ultimate security and productivity enhancing solution. The KX III is equipped with the following features:

•    High performance audio and video.
•    Military grade security.
•    Two-factor authentication.
•    Mobile access via iPad & iPhone
•    Dual power and LAN for reliability.
•    CommandCenter Management
•    BIOS-level remote access.

Through the above features, the KX III offers a number of benefits. In data centers and labs, it can be used to eliminate the need for unnecessary travel to offsite locations. Additionally, through Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway, data center managers can more effectively complete tasks and even manage servers via approved Apple iOS devices, which means that mission critical solutions can be implemented in real time from almost anywhere in the world. These real time solutions include the remote ability to install software, back up data, and transfer files, all while enjoying a military grade security system.

For companies within the broadcast and entertainment sectors, the KX III's video processing engine is built to support high quality broadcast applications. This support includes 1920x1200 HD resolution, dual monitors, 24-bit color, digital audio and support for VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort server video. Videos can now be streamed over the LAN with 1080p video at 30 frames per second. Additionally, fast connections coupled with a high-performance IP User Station makes the KX III the perfect choice for broadcast, entertainment and control room use.

Complete access and total control based around a Java-free solution, enables the KX III to be as versatile as it is reliable.  The solution meets both Canadian and U.S. government security mandates, including both smart-card / CAC authentication and two factor RSA SecurID authentication. Additionally, the FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module, IPv6, dual power supplies and gigabit Ethernet ports make the KX III the most secure and reliable KVM switch on the market.

The Bottom Line: The Dominion KX III Provides The Ultimate Level Of Control, Accessibility, Reliability, And Security

Whether it is being used in the largest enterprise data center or in a small test lab, the Dominion KX III offers a proven productivity and security enhancing solution. With a hassle-free set-up, complete remote access, military grade security, and an enhanced level of flexibility, the Dominion KX III is the scalable KVM switch needed to succeed in today's digital world.

To learn more about how the features and benefits of the KX III can help your organization, contact a member of the Raritan team today, or visit our website