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Intelligent PDUs: More Than Just Power Distribution

Jessica Ciesla
July 30, 2019

Thanks to emerging technologies and increased capabilities, power distribution has become only one component of effectively managing rack PDUs. In fact, rack PDUs are now available with additional capabilities, such as multi-level power metering and power capacity planning, which makes it easier for data center managers to effectively meet established SLAs. 

Intelligent PDUs also play a crucial role in eliminating periods of unexpected downtime in the data center. Keep reading to learn more about the true power of an intelligent PDU.

Leverage The Power Of Intelligent PDUs.

The increase of data consumed daily, coupled with the need for more efficient and powerful data centers, has resulted in numerous changes to data center management best practices. Intelligent PDUs are one of the best strategies that data center managers can implement.

Gain Rack-Level Power Metering At Multiple Levels. -- An intelligent PDU has multiple metering points which allows data center managers to more accurately monitor power consumption levels in real-time. Multiple metering points at the circuit breaker, inlet, and outlet level create additional data points. The additional data points effectively pinpoint areas of ineffective and costly white space power consumption. 

Increase Power Availability To Maximize IT Infrastructure Efficiencies. -- The most efficient IT infrastructure can be created when intelligent rack PDUs are used to provide higher capacity and density within a single rack. Additionally, the three-phase intelligent PDU creates a smaller footprint to further maximize the limited space within compact data centers. 

Create Customized Configuration Solutions. -- Data center mangers can avoid time-consuming manual updates for each PDU. Instead, remote update capabilities, coupled with mass configuration solutions, increases efficiencies while simultaneously creating the basis for customized deployments. Scripts can more easily be deployed remotely via DHCP, TFTP, or SFTP. 

More Effectively Maintain A Consistent Environment. -- Maintaining a consistent environment is made easier when temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration, proximity, and contact closure data points are gathered. Fortunately, the latter data points can be easily acquired via a plug-and-play sensor that is connected to an intelligent PDU. Customized alerts can be created to improve remote monitoring capabilities. Together, plug-and-play sensors and intelligent PDUs create a safe and optimized environment. 

Extend The Security Of Assets. -- Intelligent PDUs have additional security features that are designed to protect data at all costs. These security features include customized SSL certificates, passwords, and configurable firewalls that are designed to keep critical assets secure.

More Effectively Plan for Future Growth. -- Agile data centers are the way of the future. Fortunately, by leveraging intelligent PDUs data center managers can more readily identify ghost servers and stranded capacity that limits the potential of the data center. By maximizing power and network resources, intelligent PDUs give data center managers the insights that they need to make smarter decisions, plan for future growth, and create an agile data center.

Discover The True Power Of Intelligent Rack PDUs Today.

In conclusion, intelligent rack PDUs are far more than a simple power distribution solution. From their rack-level power metering capabilities, to the creation of a consistent environment, intelligent PDUs help managers maintain the most efficient and secure data centers. Discover the true power of Raritan's intelligent rack PDUs today.