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An Easier Way to Manage Broadcast Pre- and Post-Production Studio IT Assets

Paula Alves
March 14, 2012

Live programming requires access to playlists and content, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no exception, regardless of where the information is physically located. For easier information management, servers have in the past been placed in studios, control rooms, and editing suites.  However, space is often limited and the heat and noise generated are often bothersome.

If the video servers, corporate servers, database servers, animation servers, rendering servers, and playback servers become unavailable, quick troubleshooting and rebooting are essential to restoring operations, ensuring programming, and retaining consumers.  Centralizing these assets and equipping the engineering staff with remote management tools can help solve these challenges.

Raritan’s Remote Broadcast Server Management and Control Solution centralizes management and provides out-of-band, remote access of critical IT resources from anywhere. Combined with tight security, power, and environmental control, the Solution provides IT and engineering with the tools necessary to troubleshoot issues, restore operations and ensure broadcast availability …anytime and anywhere.

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