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A Sneak Peek at Raritan’s AV-over-IP Distribution System

Michael Bord
June 3, 2015

Later this month, Raritan will introduce it's new AV-over-IP (RAV-IP) distribution system – a simple, powerful, and economical video-over-IP distribution system that’s perfect for small to midsize digital signage applications. It's the first product in a new line of AV-over-IP focused solutions we'll be rolling out over the next several months. Here's what you need to know about this new system for AV and KVM over IP extension, distribution, and switching.

First, RAV-IP is going to be super simple to setup and use.  You wont need to be network engineer or have ton of AV experience to get up an running.  It's a straightforward encoder and decoder based system that you can set up out-of-the-box using standard products such as  CAT5, CAT6, or Fiber. RAV-IP will automatically set IP addresses for you. 

Second, this thing is powerful. With RAV-IP you can stream 1080p video at up to 60 frames-per-second with low latency and minimum bandwidth. Supported video formats include: 1080p, 720p 3D, 1920x1200 (WUXGA) video. Supported audio formats include: LPCM, DTSTM & Dolby® Audio Up to 7.1 channels.

Third, scaling up is going to incredibly easy. All you'll have to do is add more encoders and decoders and assign inputs to outputs.  Then you're done and free to sit back and switch channels via rotary dial or remote control. 

One last thing to keep in mind is how flexible and inexpensive networking will be. You can use low cost Cat5/6 cabling and Gigabit Ethernet switches to connect your video sources to displays and projectors. Fiber supports distances up to 10 km!


Use RAV-IP to display multimedia content in stores, schools, libraries, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, transportation hubs, banks, auto dealerships, and just about any other place you can think of!

Click here to learn more about Raritan’s AV-over-IP Distribution System.