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2019 Data Center Predictions - Part 1

Jessica Ciesla
January 17, 2019

Content originally sourced from IDC.

Traditional data centers must prepare for future changes to the industry. In fact, it's no longer a matter of "if" but "when" these changes will occur. As the amount of data that is consumed each day increases, so too will data centers need to increase their operational efficiencies as they respond to challenges associated with emerging technologies, environmental concerns, and higher costs.

What Factors Are Driving Data Center Changes?

In a recent 2018 report, Gartner made a few startling revelations regarding the future of data centers. Their research analysts predicted that approximately 30 percent of data centers will fail to implement the necessary machine learning and AI solutions needed to "keep pace" with ever increasing demands. For those 30 percent of data centers who fail to implement the necessary solutions, the future does not look positive. While the latter prediction seems a bit on the pessimistic side, there is a bit of good news. By understanding the following factors, data center managers can adjust their operational strategies to more effectively combat upcoming challenges.

• Factor #1 -- Innovation: Data centers must learn how to innovate effectively. Innovation should be a direct response to speed, delivery, and operational demands. Finally, innovation must be completed to scale; in other words, while one stage is completed, the foundation for the next stage must be built and ready to implement.

• Factor #2 -- Security and Risk: The new security and risk management landscape must be analyzed and understood. In this vein, risks are a near constant threat to data centers; as such, risk management and mitigation plans must be simultaneously adaptive and reactionary.

• Factor #3 -- Value: Data centers must learn how to provide value at every stage. This value includes learning to adopt machine learning and AI solutions. As seen through the previously mentioned Gartner revelations, a failure to implement the appropriate machine learning and AI solutions is the equivalent to placing the last nail in a coffin. In short, data centers need to be retrofitted to transition from traditional models into new-age models that leverage the best solutions to provide value from day one. 

2019 Data Center Predictions

With the above factors in mind, there are two key data center predictions that managers should keep in mind as they develop their operational strategies for 2019 and beyond.

Prediction #1: The Rise Of Multiple Colocation Facilities 

Experts predict that by 2020 data centers will operate multiple colocation facilities as they seek to secure a growing volume of dispersed data. As a response to the additional locations, the need for a remote infrastructure will also increase. This means that data aggregation, cleansing, analysis, and response will need to reach a continuous state as managers evaluate data vault capacities to boost performance across locations.

Prediction #2: An Increase In The Adoption Of Dynamic Software 

In the next few years, approximately 70 percent of enterprises will need to adopt dynamic software solutions. These solutions should be designed to deliver increased security and flexibility across traditional data centers, as well as their cloud and edge counterparts. In this vein, the impact of connectivity costs, rack level architecture, and accommodating the next-gen workloads will need to be addressed.

Preparing For The Future With The Right Solutions

As data center managers prepare for the next evolutionary stage, they must develop strategies that can successfully respond to environmental concerns, increasing costs, growing data demands, and emerging technologies. These solutions include adopting multiple colocation facilities, implementing dynamic software solutions, and leveraging machine learning to increase scalability, reliability, and operational efficiencies. By partnering with best in class power technology providers, data center managers can shore-up their operations and in doing so prepare for the industry's future.

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