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Global Accounting Firm Adds Intelligent Tools To Manage New High-Density Colocation Site
With business growing — and the completion recently of several company acquisitions — the firm decided to expand its data center operations to a Tier III colocation facility. The data center team took the opportunity to examine its cabinet configurations and power distribution strategy, and to introduce new efficiency tools to both data centers.
How One of Australia’s Leading Telecom Providers Keeps Tab on Data Centre Energy Usage and Power Capacity
Thousands of businesses and organizations rely on the data centre services of Commander, one of Australia's leading telecom providers. To search for a better way to measure and track how energy is being used in the data centre, Commander adopted Raritan's Branch Circuit Monitors and DCIM monitoring software Power IQ. The Raritan solution allows Commander options to provide customers with real-time energy usage, and help with energy conservation efforts in the future.
Real-Time Energy Optimization and Best Practices In a Mission-Critical Data Center
With compute loads – and operating costs – on the rise, eBay established a four-year data center plan with an ambitious goal: To cut power costs in half, double compute performance while gaining greater operational agility and increased reliability. They succeeded — with Raritan’s help.
Choice Hotels Goes 'Lights Out' with Remote Power Management and Server Access from Raritan
Choice Hotels International, one of the largest lodging companies in the world, moves its global reservation system to a 'lights out' colocation center and uses Raritan iPDUs, environmental sensors, DCIM, and KVM-over-IP to monitor mission-critical services and manage its servers and data center infrastructure.
Yahoo! Japan Improves Service Infrastructure Performance with Raritan Intelligent PDUs
Yahoo! JAPAN introduced the Raritan’s PX intelligent rack power distribution units (iPDUs) to its data centers to monitor real-time power consumption, and so decisions could quickly be made on where new servers and racks should be added to support scaling. Real-time energy monitoring also helps the company keep an eye on the health of its data centers.
International Law Firm Sets Out to Improve Branch Office Server Management
Duane Morris squeezed every possible benefit out of its new data center by installing Dominion KX KVM-over-IP, Paragon II Cat5 KVM, and CommandCenter Secure Gateway. Results: secure, lights-out operation, anytime, anywhere access with a single-sign on, and an analog KVM backup that allowed IT staff to work on servers even during scheduled network outages.
J.R. Simplot Data Center Refurbishment
As part of a data center refurbishment, the J.R. Simplot data center management team wanted to improve energy efficiency to meet corporate green initiatives. They also wanted to increase IT rack density, be better able to troubleshoot equipment and put in systems to manage potential risks. To improve energy efficiency and provide more power to IT racks they converted from 120 to 240 volt AC single-phase power. They also installed energy management software and intelligent rack PDUs with outlet-level power monitoring to add remote energy management, power monitoring of individual devices, environmental monitoring and sophisticated and accurate power usage reports and analytics.
Raycom Media Delivers Market-Tailored Broadcast Programming Using Raritan’s Remote Access and Power Management Solutions
As one of the largest broadcasters in the U.S., Raycom Media owns and operates 46 television stations in 36 markets — serving more than 12 percent of U.S. television households. Raycom wanted to improve how it manages and maintains its broadcast equipment and distributes time-sensitive programming content to its growing roster of television stations — while keeping operations costs down. They turned to Raritan for an advanced, highly-available access-and-control solution that could deliver improved operations in both its Charlotte NOC and remote station locations.
World’s Largest Electronics Connector Supplier Improves Data Center Performance by Adding Remote Management Control
Molex needed a more responsive way to manage their Asia Pacific data center servers. In addition, they wanted to move to a lights-out data center for added security. Raritan switches, console servers and PDUs were used to provide integrated remote management of servers and other devices, and Molex now enjoys simplified maintenance, increased uptime and improved security.
AOL Deploys Raritan's Intelligent Power Management Solution to Reduce Data Center Energy Consumption and Find Unused Capacity
AOL needed accurate power measurements of their servers, routers and switches to improve their data centers’ overall energy efficiency. They also wanted to measure energy consumption at each power outlet, so they could gather an accurate picture of their energy usage. Raritan answered their challenge with a solution that provided management, charting and reporting capabilities, and more.