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Rack Power Distribution LED Outlet States

In the video below, Raritan’s Global Technical Product Manager, Paul Mott, talks about Raritan’s unique way of identifying rack power distribution LED outlet states for easy at-the-rack monitoring.


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Hey guys, I'm Jess, and today I'm here with Paul Mott, Raritan's technical product manager, and he'll be discussing our unique way of identifying LED outlet states.

So Paul, what d'ya got here?

Yeah, thanks Jess. So, here I have a demo, a Raritan intelligent PDU.

So obviously, this isn't a full-size PDU, it's a —you know— a slimmed-down, cut-down version of one of our larger strips, and we really use this to describe a number of different features and functions to our users.

So, on this unit we have a number of outlets that actually have switching capability — which means they also have LED lights associated with them, and those LED lights can do a number of different things, depending on state of the outlet, or a condition of the outlet.

When an outlet is on, the LED associated with that outlet will be red; when the outlet is switched off, the LED will be green.

These are the most common states the outlet will be in.

When the outlet LED is flashing between green and red, this means an outlet is switched on, but the circuit breaker is tripped.

When the outlet LED is flashing green, the power to the outlet is switched off, and a circuit breaker is tripped.

And finally, when an outlet LED is flashing red, it means the outlet has reached its upper current threshold limit.

So we do this to show the user that not only the circuit breaker's tripped, but also what the power state is of the outlet, so that when they flip the circuit breaker back on, they know which devices will be getting power, and which won't.

Gotcha. So, is there any other interesting things that we should know about these LED outlets?

Yeah, absolutely, so there's actually two more conditions that can happen with the LED lights next to the outlets.

The first is on our outlet monitored PDUs. So, when an outlet monitored PDU —and the Associated outlet light— blinks red, that means that the over current threshold has been breached on that specific outlet, and a user can identify that pretty quickly.

They may need to do some troubleshooting, or they may need to —you know— find out which device is causing the problem.

And the last situation, or the last instance, of blinking or cycling LED lights is when the lights go from green to yellow to red — that'll indicate that the PDU is in the boot up mode, and the controller is booting up and hasn't started communicating with some of the other circuitry in the PDU.

But those lights will eventually turn to either solid red, or solid green, or one of the other flash conditions that I mentioned based on the state of those.

So what happens if there's no light at all?

If there's no light at all, that means there's no power being delivered to the outlet board or outlets, and the PDU may actually be powered off.

Well, thank you guys for watching. We hope you enjoyed this video and learned a little bit about our PDU products.

If you'd like to learn more, visit our website www.raritan.com.

And if you have any more ideas for videos, feel free to leave a comment below.

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We'll see you guys next time. Bye! Take care.


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