SRC: Smart Rack Controller

Your Intelligent Sensor Management Solution

In this video learn more about how intelligent sensor management powered by the Smart Rack Controller serves as a central connection point for environmental monitoring, asset location, physical access, and other monitoring and security sensors. It addresses the gaps in instrumenting a facility or data center by providing an all-in-one intelligent device that collects and delivers real-time actionable data about your facility with minimum change to the configuration of existing power distribution or IT infrastructure.


Learn About Smart Rack Controller

Raritan’s Smart Rack Controller is the ultimate sensor management solution, built to bring intelligence to your infrastructure.

This all-in-one device serves as the central connection point for deployed sensors, and is engineered specifically to monitor, secure, and track conditions around your critical IT hardware.

It collects and delivers real-time actionable data, with minimum changes needed to your existing set up.

The SRC can be used in a wide range of applications—

As a starting point, instrumenting your facility with sensors allows you to accurately and quickly measure conditions, providing valuable insights to optimize and drive efficiency.

Raritan offers a suite of SmartSensors that monitor:

  • Cabinet door access;

  • Temperature, humidity, and the presence of water;

  • Airflow and differential air pressure;

  • And many other environmental conditions.

SmartSensors can be configured to send alerts to your preferred monitoring software solutions using SNMP, or a RESTful API available in the embedded Xerus Technology Platform.

The SRC's functionality can be expanded with hub devices — connect to multiple hubs to dedicated ports for easy pathing and distribution of multiple plug-and-play sensor packages.

The SRC is also outfitted with Dual Power supplies, providing True Power Redundancy.

The universal mounting bracket and small form factor makes it perfect for applications outside the data center, including labs, network and compute closets, or remote locations like colocation, POP, and telecommunication sites.

The applications are endless — Anywhere an environment needs to be monitored. Anywhere equipment needs to be secured. Or anywhere assets need to be tracked.

Gain real-time insight into your infrastructure with Raritan’s Smart Rack Controller — the ultimate intelligent sensor management solution.


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