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See Pictures of How Researchers Use Raritan’s KVM-Over-IP Switch in Antarctica

Michael Bord
October 10, 2014

iceberg in antarctica

There are some big questions in life and the Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (INSU) aims to answer them. According to its website, priority research areas at INSU mainly cover:

  • The formation and evolution of the universe, its components (especially dark matter and energy), and the objects that make it up (galaxies, stars and planetary systems).
  • The formation, history and structure of the Earth, the interaction between its interior and envelope, its natural resources (metals, energy, water, soils, etc), and the causes of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • Climate change and variability, biogeochemical cycles (carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, etc), atmosphere-cryosphere-ocean interaction, and atmospheric composition.
  • Exchanges between land surface and the atmosphere and oceans, evolution of eco-hydrological systems, and weather-related hazards.

As part of its mission, the INSU utilize an array of sophisticated scientific instruments on Dumont d'Urville Station located in Antarctica on Île des Pétrels, archipelago of Pointe Géologie in Adélie Land.   To operate these devices and access the data they amass, researchers rely on Raritan’s Dominion® KX II-101 single port KVM switch for remote access.