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Determining the ROI of a DCIM Solution

Paula Alves
February 24, 2014

You’ve been here before — a new enterprise solution comes out of nowhere promising to cut costs, reduce inefficiencies, and increase productivity — and now you’re scrambling to figure out if those seemingly intangible value propositions are really something you need, how it all fits into your current system, whether you can ever hope to recoup your initial investment, and what it spells for your career in both the best and worst case scenarios.

Well DCIM isn’t that kind of a solution.  At its core, there are real, measurable value propositions that are self-evident to any data center employee: Efficient energy consumption, effective infrastructure management, and maintaining high availability. They’re three of the most resource intensive problems in the data center.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to solve them; it just takes the right tools. And that’s where the payoff for DCIM is high.

DCIM is the embodiment of those common sense best practices, aided by technology.  It’s the answer to the black box you experience every time you want to find out how much energy you’re consuming, how much capacity you have, and how much is being wasted.  It also carries other benefits for dynamic data centers with frequent application rollouts, multivendor server management needs, and those looking to institute an effective chargeback system.

But how does a DCIM solution work to actually address these areas? Read Moving Past the Age of Over-Provisioning: The ROI on DCIM to understand how DCIM tools streamline and automate your operations and the level of return you can expect on your investment.


Read Moving Past the Age of Over-Provisioning: The ROI on DCIM